Monday, July 1, 2013

Relay For Life 2013

Once again the Relay For Life of Platte County has come and gone.  This year has left amazing memories because Charli had the time of her life.  She could not be kept off the track and was gracious enough to walk with anyone and everyone she saw and knew!  In fact, she even said she would meet new people and ask to walk with them if she needed too!  Charli was a little worried about who she would walk with this year.  In the past Charli has walked independent from Chad and I by walking with her Great-Uncle Ivan.  Ivan lost his battle this past winter.  Charli processed this through their Relay For Life connection.  She asked a teacher at her summer school to walk with her, as she is also a survivor, and was tickled pink when she told her YES!!

Our strong six-year old survivor!  Hard to believe the first time she circled this track she could not walk it, and now she does it on her own!

Charli starting her survivor lap with talking partner, and director of her summer school program, Lynn!  

 Charli and her good friend Moe.  It warms my heart to see Charli enjoy these events with her friends!

Moe made this bag special for Charli!  It is a picture of them going down the slide and eating lunch together!  When kids get "it" is just an amazing things to see!

 Charli and her cousin Colton

 Harper and one of his many friends, his cousin Kelsey!  She is so great with kids, and entertained the little boys wonderfully!!  

Charli and her summer school teacher, Paige!  These two talked a TON together!  I bet they put on at least two miles together!  Charli was tracking her laps, and came home with 32 beads....which is 8 miles!!  Even if a few extra got placed on there -- she had busy legs!  By the time she took a break for the ride home, she said her legs hurt!  She lasted until midnight before I made her come home!

 Harper & Charli getting ready for the silent lap!  

Braxton & Harper ---  Braxton came prepared with lots of fun toys to keep these two busy boys...busy!

Charli and another of her teachers, Mrs. Slyvester!  

By midnight you can see her hair is a little frazzled, her smile a little worn...but the Relay sparkle is still in her eye!  She is going to Relay For LIFE!!

HOPE - 2013

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  1. I love this post. I love to see her grow, and I love that you are allowing her to have this outlet in Relay. These posts will continue for many years I can see! ~Tabi