Monday, September 1, 2014

an end to summer...


We ended July by celebrating these two!  Mom & Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  We planned a trip to Kansas City, KS when everyone (kids and grandkids) could make it...and we took in a Royals game while we were there!  This fell on the weekend right before Charli's birthday, so she thought (thinks) it was partially for her bday too!
On of mom's sisters lives in KS and the other traveled down from MN.  It was a great weekend.  It was a great lesson for all of us about how strong and unique our family is...and how we value who and what we have.  I am so glad it worked out!

the child on the left had the time of her life...the boy on the right had a great time too!

 The entire gang after the game.  Thank you, mom and dad, for the gift that is our family!  We are truly blessed to have the love and support of each other.  When I look at this pictures I see:  my nephew holding my daughter and giving her some love, and many of the other cousins intermingled together.  The kids just enjoy each other so much...we are a lucky bunch.  (yes, thinking about this weekend makes me sappy...get over it!)
 Charli's favorite player is Mike Moustakas.  When he gets up to the plate the crowd yells "moose"! Charli wants to be him for Halloween!
 We decided that since everyone else would be in royals gear we would support our friend Sammy!
Charli * Ryen

Grandpa proving to Charli, on her birthday, that she is never too big to be held!

Proving her love with some serious artwork!

 We are so-so-so-so blessed with great friends!
We had an afternoon of golf with a friend from school this summer!  Charli and Grady were in K and 1st grade together...and were separated (torn apart!) in 2nd grade.  Neither child, nor mom, is too excited to have them apart. 

We have kitties at our house!  A wild momma had babies at our house several weeks ago.  Although mom has moved the babes a time or two, they always come back.  The kids love to see them around...the dogs and neighbors, not so much!

Harper got to try out his racing skills at school!

memories of summer

 In mid-August I changed jobs.  These two made it hard to leave.  On my last day they wore these shirts, that they had made, just an example of how fantastic these girls are! 
I am now working for Central Community College in Columbus as the Academic Success Center Coordinator.  It is a MUCH different change of pace working with college students, but I am enjoying the experience and opportunities!  (That doesn't mean I don't miss these ladies -- and others -- like crazy!)
First day of AYSO soccer!

The girls cheered on Harper, and they enjoyed some popcorn! 

Grandpa Bob with Harper & Braxton.  I am pretty sure that smile on Bob's face is because he bought the boys snacks, right before lunch, and there was nothing I would do about it!

Aunt Rachelle got to be the tackle dummy for all the kids! 

Braxton & Harper

Charli's first day of school, heading off to 2nd grade.  Do not attempt to adjust your screen....she IS wearing pink and purple. 

(proud little brother)

Charli earned her brown belt in Taekwondo!  Next she will work to earn her red, advanced red, and then the coveted BLACK belt!  Super proud of her accomplishments. 

Oh these girls!  We love these girls.  You know the saying "when you love someone let them free, if they come back it was meant to be"?  Well, Maggie (on the right) moved to Omaha last year, leaving the other two (Marissa and Charli) heartbroken.  BUT, Mags returned this summer bringing happiness and joy back to the trio.  These three (Mags and Moe are in 3rd grade) have already worked out a plan to go to college and live well as devise a plan to trick-or-treat together.  I am glad to see they have short and long-term goals!

Thanks Aunt 'Manda for the fauxhawk and hair cut before school started!  Harper started pre-k this year.

Summer brings 4-wheeler time!  (don't worry they were not actually riding at this point, which is why they are not wearing helmets!)

 First day of Pre-K for Harper!

This is not a great picture, which I am sad about...however, I was not prepared for what was about to take place.  Harper learned to ride a bike with no training wheels!  YEAH!!

On the rare occasion that we have a "stay home day".  I came into the kitchen recently to find Charli had "trapped" Harper.  They are ready for trapping season to is their dad.  He has been counting down the days since it ended early this spring!

 We took a daytrip to Omaha to watch the stormchasers a few weeks ago.  We were in for a super treat as one of the top Royals players was playing for them as he nursed an injury.  Charli was super excited about this because she has three of his baseball cards!
 The next day we traveled west to the state fair.  The kids had a blast on the midway, which was not jammed back at the time we were there.  About half way into the rides Chad and I realized we were practically kid free...which never happens!  (well, let's be honest - it never happens!)  Then it hit me.  We were only kid free because we were trusting the lives of our children to carni-workers!  Seemed solid.
You can never day the boy out of a man...

Look who we ran into, three separate (unplanned) times at the fair! 
 I will admit that I am jealous that my kids love to help dad far more than they love to help me.  However, I appreciate how hard they work and that they are.  I am thankful Chad is as willing and excited to have them be his shadow as they learn by his side.
Harper is almost done with soccer for the season...I am not 100% sure he cares either way!

September brought the Glow Gold run which was sponsored and benefited Sammy's Superheroes.  This event was amazing.  Over 40 Nebraska families were honored for their families fight against childhood cancer.  The fighter got some special goodies as did the siblings.  The siblings are often forgotten.  Not on purpose, but just the nature of situation.  While Charli is many years out of treatment, Harper does feel the "sibling syndrome" when it comes to Charli and her 'cancer'.  In a child's eyes they do not truly understand why their sibling gets the special treatment, goodies, activities, attention, etc. This brings out a lot of emotions in kiddos.  Sometimes these emotions show up as jealousy, frustration, anger, sadness, and many other things.  While these things are less common for us because Harper does not remember her being in treatment, etc - they are still there sometimes.  In the past few years Harper has asked us "When do I have to get cancer" when he is worried that he will get it to, because his sister "When do I get to have cancer" because sometimes it may feel like she gets extra attention or treatment because of the cancer.  We all know that he does not want cancer.  And, if he truly understood the circumstance he would not be "jealous". do not know these things.  So, when events are held like this and the siblings are made to feel just as special as the is a blessing for the entire family.  It was an amazing event that we were blessed to attend.  The kids had friends attend too...which made it even better!

Moe * Charli * Mags

There were two photographers on site to take pictures...this was taken by Three Wishes!
Harper with Eli and Hunter!

The three amigos doing a football (or baseball, I am not really sure!) pose at the New World Designs station!
Soccer pictures are in!!  Harper was super serious this year...while Charli said she refused to do "Fashion" when they asked her to pop her hip out a little in this picture!
Some of my favorite people working on a project at my parents farm!

Harper and I had the evening to ourselves recently while Charli and Chad were at taekwondo.  It started to rain so we cuddled up on the porch to listen and watch the rain.  After a few minutes we mutually decided to go dance and run in the!  Harper was in his I knew I had to capture it!  He did this for about 45 minutes hoping it would never end!