Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kansas City here we come!

We made it home safely from a quick trip to KC, the kids had a blast...we all had a blast!  We did not tell the kids were we were going until we arrived in Kansas City!  We had a few "are we there yet" moments, but I was surprised how well they handled not knowing what was going on.  Remember these moments because when they are adults they will probably hate surprises because they are always on the wondering end of surprises!  

We took off on Friday morning and got to spend time with my aunt/uncle and cousins too, which was a lot of fun.  I guess we were too busy being busy because I didn't get any pictures of that stuff!

On Friday after checking into the hotel we went to legoland.  We stayed right at Crowne Center, so we were in the heart of all that was going on - which was perfect.  After lego land we ate at Fritz's Cafe, which is a little burger joint that serves the food via a train -- no need for servers!  The kids loved watching everyone else get their food too!  In fact, you call your order in over a phone!  We had a great view from our hotel of their outdoor pool!  If I could do one thing over again it would be to take the kids swimming.  I toyed with the idea but didn't want to have their wet heads out in the cold when we are just all getting over being sick!  But, it would have been super fun for the kids!  

Saturday morning, after a big breakfast where we took full advantage of Harper eating for free (when does that happen) and Charil eating for $1 (they obviously didn't know our kids eat good breakfasts!) we went to the SeaLife Aquarium.  After lunch and some downtime we went ice skating.  At first Harper was not feeling it, until he realized that dad is a professional skater - then he had a blast!  By the end of our time both kids were getting brave, Charli even took several laps around on her own - with NO wall!  Harper tried to take the rink without holding onto the wall...but his feet got to moving a little to fast and he clung tot he wall!  

Saturday night we met my aunt & uncle along with cousins at T-Rex for supper - followed by my cousin's daughter's basketball game.  They put on a big show in KS!  Sunday morning was a great time too, all three kids in my family love it in KS.  They went for a nature walk and came back over two hours later!  After walks in the forest, hikes near the creek, and horse rides we hit the road for home!

The kids seemed to agree that ice skating was the best - but legoland and "Aunt Joyce's house" are both tied for 1st place too!  It was a great trip - thankful the kids traveled so well and had such a good time!  

enjoying a little playdough!  Harper was in desperate need of a haircut here...he looks so different with long hair!

watching a candy-man make fudge...looked like a huge table of brownie batter!! 

He weighs 3,500 legos!

Wizard of Oz !

They were even racing lego made race cars   

Harper LOVED this lego station!  He was so proud of how tall his creation was!  And...was so sad to walk by 5 minutes later only to find it was gone! 

They loved the lego ninja ride!

at Fritz's Cafe!  Nice hat, dad!

our hotel had a 4-story waterfall!  

our little starfish friend!

Did everyone else know that starfish are hard?  I thought they would be soft and squishy.  We were able to touch several different creatures, and I was shocked to learn they were not soft & squishy!

yummy treat from the candy shop!

pretty good catch in that tank!

There was a glass floor - it was funny to see their reaction to walking on it!

starting off slow on the ice!

This was Harper's initial reaction to ice skating...

...then he realized that his dad was an all-star ice skater in a previous life and decided it was pretty fun to be out there!

The kids even sat nicely so Chad could take me around...without holding onto the wall :-)

brave girl!

the infamous Zamboni! 

Harper started to get brave towards the end of our time there...

priceless faces while on the ice!  loved it!

The mall had a display called "funville" that was like a compact children's museum ..the kids loved it! It was packed in there!

she has always been a monkey!

I am pretty sure Chad's sister got all of the hair cutting talent, but Chad was giving it a try while "cutting" Harper's hair.  Harper had no faith!

rodeo star like uncle Shawn!

At the T-Rex their dessert is an over sized rice krispy bar shaped like a dinosaur that comes with mini m&m's, blue frosting and red icing to decorate!  Charli did a good job - Harper's looked great, but did not taste so great, a little too sweet!!

Does this look like a sweetheart to you?  Don't be fooled, he is full of all things that little boys are made of.  There are days I know he will keep me young, and others that I know he makes me old before my time!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The calm before the storm

I have just realized that I have not saved pictures off of one of my cameras since before Christmas...how sad!  So, enjoy some pictures which have maybe been duplicated through my other camera and/or my iPhone (and are severely out of order)!

I have been secretly looking forward to this weekend as a final weekend before several fun, yet busy, weekends begin.  But, unfortunately 75% of the family is sick with coughs set on repeat...which is not making it super relaxing.  So now I am looking forward to the weekend for rest in hopes of the coming weekends to go as planned!  (saying this means I have officially jinxed us)

In the coming weeks we will be making a trip to Kansas City, the shooting range, and some exciting concerts in the near future!  I even have Chad signed up for a concert - hell hath froze over, perhaps.   Between work and social commitments it feels like May is just around the corner, which is nice to help get through winter, but not as nice to rush through spring!

School is going great, Charli celebrated her 100th day of school recently and we just got paperwork home for her Kindergarten yearbook.  Kindergarten has a year book?!  Yes, I said that.  Whoa, this small town girl is learning a lot.

Last weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday.  All of her siblings came to the farm to help her celebrate, courtesy of my dad putting together the surprise again for mom.  It's cute to see dad do these things!  It makes me think there may be hope for Chad to pick up a few of these pointers before my final days! ;-)  We did some blue rock shooting while everyone was back - was a little cool...but wonderful for the first weekend in February!

Enjoy some (maybe duplicated, sorry!) pictures!

Charli really gets into her bowling game on the Wii.  Please ignore the dead wildlife which is STILL in my living room from Chad's Christmas redecorating.  I am waiting for our dog to eat it so they can just disappear, permanently.

We had a big shopping day at our house last weekend!  I finally broke down and bought a Wii now that the kids are old enough to play together, and Charli bought her DS that she has wanted since her birthday!  She has been saving money from trapping, chores, and other odds & ends to buy the unit and one game!  I bought her a second game, hoping I could play too!

I was lucky enough to get to Derek's (nephew #3 of 9) last "hearts".  I commented that I don't recall my dates ever being this handsome in high school ..sorry Chad, but I think I am right!  

Charli has quite the set-up for our family Valentine's Day cards.  She has these bags tapped and labeled on a closet door and everyone is working to fill them for each other.   

Not to brag (or rub it in to Chad), but I am pretty sure I have the best Valentine in the house!

 These next few pictures not only date how long it has been since I have downloaded pictures, but they are also out of order!!  Charli was in charge of about 50% of the outer workings of the Christmas cards this year.  She put the return labels and stamps on...while Chad closed and put the addresses on!

 we love to paint at our house!  Here the kids were working on some canvas prints for Grandma & Grandpa's new basement! 

 Night Night Harper....thanks for 'cleaning up' before bed.  Thanks a lot. 

Painting little monkey banks! 

the kids (and Chad) have SO loved their trapping time!

 Charli has been BIG into football the past few weeks.  She takes her football everywhere...bed, breakfast, the store, etc!

so proud! 

 Harper cannot get enough of his new hoodie...he wears it everyday - and never wants to take it off!

We LOVE to build with widgets at our house!!  

 I hope these are the only bed bugs we ever get in our house!!! 

 The best part about the weekend is the ability to go crazy making forts...right?!  (their faces do not look too excited!!)

 she was a determined and competitive bowler!  Maybe she gets this from Grandpa Borg!

 I love, LoVe, LOVE when I catch these moments!  Love them!!
What I do not love is Harper's fashion style to wear his boots with these pants.

 I am not sure if he won fair and square, or just wore her out...but either way he was taking the win!

Making Valentine's for the girls...under Charli's supervision! 

enjoying a candy cane on Grandma's birthday!  I hope the next pictures I post of him are with a haircut!!  Chad has been in charge of getting Harper's haircut....and I think it's been nearly three months!  (but who's counting?!