Thursday, January 24, 2013


I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted stories, pictures...anything!

I would hope that many things in life have happened between now and my last post nearly 20 days ago!  It is hard to believe that we are closer to February than we are the start of the new year, which seems to have just arrived.  We have had some bitterly cold days, and some beautifully unseasonably warm days too!  If we could find a happy medium winter would be tolerable!

Sickness has hit our community pretty hard in the past few weeks.  There were days where nearly 20 or more kids were gone from Charli's school, with many being from her small class of 20 students.  We have been lucky, so far to miss the influenza bug after Charli and I both fell to the stomach flu just after the New Year.  Harper had a brief cold, which I am thankful and jealous of at the same time.  He rebounds so well, hope his immune system can keep that up for all of us!

The kids (both little and one big) are still trapping, and still catching things.  If I had to guess I would say that Charli is saving her money to buy the 3D DS that Santa did not bring her this year.  Harper is probably still saving his money to buy a cow.  A real cow.  As luck would have it Grandpa doesn't have cows anymore, so I can't just drive out to the farm and point at a cow, claiming it to Harper and move on.  Thanks for that Dad!

Charli will be starting Taekwondo tonight, and she could not be more excited about it!  Hopefully some pictures will follow of that experience!  


Harper loving on his new sheets from Santa!

As a result of needing a haircut badly Harper has been exposed to, and fallen in love with, the faux mohawk.  And, I let him wear it to daycare form time to time!    

my favorite part about being sick a few weeks ago!

While it was not fun to be sick, these three made it pretty easy on me.  Chad made sure they stayed far enough way to stay healthy, yet close by from time to time so we could all feel better!

the kids and I went to watch Derek play basketball a week or two ago - the kids had fun, Charli watched with suspense as each play went up and down the court!

Charli lined all of her ninjas, superheroes, and monster trucks up last week and they were ready for combat.  She had them divided into two teams 'Nebraska' and 'California'.  Chad's cousin said she needs to start playing with team 'Oregon', so I have been trying to plant that seed!

I caught Harper snuggled in looking at his 2-year photo album.  We then cuddled up and looked at his and Charli's baby pictures - it was a nice trip down memory lane!  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New hobbies!

Chad and his little trappers.

These three have fully enjoyed setting and checking traps - they all get so excited!