Friday, February 28, 2014

Celebrations and Tears

February got away from me!  Pretty soon I will know that my infrequent updates are just normal and I won't try to justify them anymore!  Charli started volleyball this month as well as club soccer.  We said some good-byes, will be welcoming new hellos, and celebrated with friends.  February was fantastic.  

Charli came home from school to teach Harper how to make a turtle out of crackers, soybutter, and a mini oreo.  They were fun to make, but too cute to eat!

On my way to bed a few weeks ago I heard the news lead into a story of a kiddo from Nebraska who is fighting cancer.  I turned it up and turned back around, and look who I saw.... Charli next to our buddy Sammy on a poster this family made while presenting to senators in Nebraska!  I was excited to show the kids in the morning.  Charli didn't get it, but Harper understood that he WASN'T on TV!!

I am still not 100% what this was about.  Charli asked for her nails to be painted pink and purple.  She then asked for it to be removed a day or two later!

Chad, as clever as he is, noticed that Harper's bike was "stuck" in a little snowbank after a walk on one of our beautiful February days.  So, like any city-boy / redneck would do, he hooked up a towrope, pulled the truck in the front yard, and pulled it out.  He even asked Harper for money, but he didn't pay up!  

To kick-start two weeks of celebrations for my friend Jaymee's wedding we had a girls night out!  

Charli was getting a little anxious to head for home at the rehearsal dinner, so we had to kill some time with pictures!

The Preisters do clean up, a little!  

And, the saddest part about seeing February come to a close...transitioning from our amazing home daycare to a center based program next week.  

There are just no words.  Lynn and her husband Lonnie have been part of our family for the past eight years.  It seems like a lifetime ago when we joined their family as we were awaiting Charli's arrival.  This women helped to raise my kids, shaped their little lives, and loved them through their tempers, biting, sassing...and their good moments too.  Harper was so proud to pick out and deliver the flowers in the picture and surprise her with a few other goodies too.  Harper even picked out golf balls for Lonnie, which he found out were Lonnie's favorite kind, so he was proud of that!  We will greatly miss the family, fun, structure, and style that Lynn brought into our lives but are excited about the journey to come.  Lynn, Lonnie, and the families along the way are our forever family and we have been blessed to be in their club!