Monday, November 4, 2013

Once a hero...always a hero!

Check out this link!  
Charli is the featured hero for Alex's Lemonade Stand!  
What an honor!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Calling off Winter

We have had some beautiful fall days, but I am officially calling off winter, regardless.  We have already had several bouts of never-ending colds, that have made for tired and crabby Preisters. Aside from your basic hibernation, how can we just skip to spring?  Ideas?

Charli and Harper have had a few weeks of basketball camp before games start next week.  Charli will be playing on Saturdays, but Harper has declared that he may wait until he is 10!  Fine by me!!

Charli also also started racquetball lessons at the Y.  I would have no idea, but have been told she is picking it up quickly.  I know nothing about racquetball.  I thought I knew nothing about soccer and taekwondo when she started, but I was miles beyond what I am for this sport.  My eyes cannot keep up with the ball!

 Wanted to pop these in, just so everyone knows that things haven't changed!

Charli had her first taekwondo competition this weekend.  She did great!  She got second in both sparring and her form.  She was excited and were we.  She practiced so hard to prepare for the event...but had talked herself out of getting a trophy and why that would be okay (this was her first competition so "our" goal was to attend and complete both sections without nerves getting the best of her).  She was thrilled to not only reach her goal of competing, but also getting trophies!  

 She had a pretty proud little brother too!  When she came up to show us he said "Charli, since you have two, do you think I could have one?"  While the answer was a quick and stern "NO", she did share for pictures!  They are proudly displayed on her dresser so she can see them before she falls asleep and right away when she wakes up!  

Birthday party fun for a friend!  Brave mom to wrangle this many kiddos, but they were all well behaved.  I also love that Charli's friends have pretty awesome moms, so it was fun for me too!  ;-)

The kids decorated and designed our front porch with the loot...and a few days later (just barely in time for Halloween) we got our other decorations up too!  The kids love the inflatable spider in the front yard and ghost hanging on the porch...but I won't lie -- it did scare me one night when I was outside!  This was also a booby-trap for the UPS man, mailman, Schwans man, and potential trick or treaters! 

Trying to enjoy all of the great days we have for the park while they is sad to always think "is this our last nice day"!

Charli's school celebrated and educated on Red Ribbon Week, and during this time they had theme days.  One day was opposite day, so she wanted to dress like a boy.  My first reaction was 'how will you look any different than ever day in your baggy sweats and t-shirts?'  But, she rocked this look well!

Happy Halloween 2013 from a spooky skeleton and the red ninja!  This was the year for ninjas.  Charli had three of her six little boy cousins send pictures of their costumes too -- and they were also ninjas!

We did not get a family picture with the kids, but we did get a picture with the other important people who have helped raise them!  This is Charli & Harper with their great daycare provider and her husband!  The other cute little ghost is just a decoration, although it does look like a cute little kiddo too!!  We are lucky to have them both!