Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and we are...moving on!

 a few nights before we left for FL we went to the circus in Columbus! I will need to track down the old picture, but two years ago Charli took a picture with this same clown :-)

 Grandpa Borg paid their way to ride the elephant together, alone, for the first time!  Big kids :-)

 the day we left...our goats had babies!!  Charli and Harper were so excited to meet them when we got back!

 these buggers are so cute!

 (and the goats are cute too!!)

 'king of the mountain!'

 Charli got new glasses!!  (blue 'boy' specs, of course!)

this horrible mom took one picture on Easter... thankfully I thought to grab the camera as the kids picked up eggs in the morning!

 I would not say this is Christmas card worthy...but this is what it looks like on the Borg side!
cute boys!  Bryant * Harper

 family pictures....they just don't always work out the way we want!  :-)

 our extended family...our daycare family!  We had a great picnic last week with beautiful weather at the park...these kids are madly in love with each other and take such good care of each other!

 Charli...getting ready to rock her bike without training wheels...

 little brother was very supportive of Charli's efforts!

 way to go Charli!!

 fun times at the park!  

 mr. fix it

 Chad & Charli's contraption!

Harper - always making a fashion statement....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Coming home...bitter sweet

Sunday...heading home, back to Nebraska and back to reality!

Harper looked up and discovered spiderman was hanging down!!

this little bear in a boat gave both kids so many smiles!!

ice cream for breakfast... absolutely!!  

ice cream for breakfast means the day just can't get any better, right?!

a simple moment of kindness, sharing, and brotherly/sisterly love caught on camera...priceless!

fun, trains!!  

possibly one of the most fun times of the trip...we all raced boats!

Chad and Charli loved racing boats, and could have probably done this for hours!

Harper and I on the other hand, had furn for awhile...but eventually moved on to whack-a-mole!!

loved this little contraption! 

putt putt golfing!!

where did that ball come from?!

taking off for the airport....feeding our new bears!

after dropping off our rental car we had help getting our luggage into the terminal.  Charli even got the VIP ride!!

we had a long wait at the airport, but we tried to find a few things to stay busy! 

Charli got to buy "tv" on the flight from Orlando to problem, her ears are too little!  The ear buds kept falling out so Chad tapped them on her head!!

as we were taking off Harper grabbed Chad's hand, it was adorable!

halfway through the flight (2 hours into the 4 hour flight!) Harper was ready to move around.  He moved seats and sat by himself!  

once in Denver we had a layover...which was difficult to deal with after our long day...luckily for us the flight was only an hour which seemed to fly by after the long day we had already had!

after a super long day Charli finally took a 45 minute nap on the plane!

at the airport Charli had a car waiting for her...she was exciting to see it was for her.   Both kids loved to ride in the big car again.  The "big city" looks magical through the windows of a limo, it was a nice way to end our night!

Charli and two of the volunteers with Make A Wish.  They were waiting for us when we got off of the plane, it was a nice gesture to have someone there excited to see you!

our last "official" picture of our vacation.  My favorite part of this picture is that we are all still smiling!  The trip was magical and I wish we could do it all again!