Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day #4 - Universal Studios

Welcome to Day #4...this may have been our favorite place!!

 Harper was not sure about this man...why doesn't he have a mouth?  He had some words with him and then proceeded to kick him in the shin.  Nice!  Scrooge, on the other hand, did the same things back to Harper!  If only I had my video camera on!

 patiently waiting for Charli and Chad to get done with their big water ride!

 very, very wet after their water ride!

good, but not as good as Aunt Vicki's!!
riding her favorite ride of the week...SPIDERMAN - we rode this FOUR times!!

 when the super heroes pulled up we were pulled aside and told to wait for a special surprise...

 this was MY surprised face...
 Charli's surprised face....
 Charli got to meet Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, and two of the girls from Xmen

 Harper was fascinated with Spiderman.  Where is his mouth, where are his ears?!  Spiderman was great with him and showed him his ears (under his skin, etc)  it was an amazing experience, these super heroes are larger than life!!

 When Charli asked how she could be a super hero they were quick to tell her "the biggest thing is courage, and we can tell you have that"!  It was priceless.  They then tossed in a few pointers for Mom and Dad's benefit such as "eat your veggies and clean your room"!  They have been working in our favor!

Charli was very focused on everyone when they were with her!

 you can see Harper feeling Spiderman's ear!

a beaming Charli!!

 waiting for shrek to start!

 we loved Shrek!

 there were fancy women walking around which Charli would not take a picture with...but she say these guys and ASKED for a picture!!

 the boys!

 I tried to get a nice picture, but Charli did this...

 so I did this!

 after a long day we, for some reason, thought it was a bright idea to go out to eat!  As you can see by Harper's face - we were all ready to go home and just "be"!!

 and...Charli was ready too!

 at the end of the Charli was excited to bring all of her loot home!

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