Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day #2 - Animal Kingdom & Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

Welcome to pictures from "Day 2 at Animal Kingdom"

 they were on the hunt!

Charli with her first "princess" of the week I love Harper's face here...genuine excitement, over a raccoon!

 waiting for the Lion King to start!

 we didn't have to wait often, but when we did it was picture time!  Harper enjoys taking and looking at pictures...and we were generally buddied up!

 at the end of the Lion King show Charli got to play music for the entire crowd!

 M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E

 silly minnie!  She had Harper kiss her on her nose!  (I remember she did the same thing to my brother 25 years ago!!)

 Goofy really was goofy, he gave Charli a princess button.  What WAS he thinking?!

 I was jealous, I wanted my picture with Pluto!!

 nothing about this memory wasn't messy!!

 but...it was tasty!

 and cool!

 Going on a family safari!

 watching the parade!

 I just can't get enough of the swimming pictures!  And, how nice that they are color coordinated!  I guess blue was the color of choice for the summer!

 I have not taught my 2-year old to layout, he was "resting"!
 this is how these two snuggled up each night!  It was cute to see them lay side by side, and they both loved talking each other to sleep! 

 getting ready to meet Mickey and Minnie!!  Charli got her Mickey signed, which she tried to play "cool", but she is sleeping with him tucked in bed with her tonight!!

 do not adjust your computer screen...Charli IS near a REAL princess here, and she IS smiling!

 I just really love Goofy and Pluto!!  

 cool chick with the tame squirrel in the background!!

Welcome to Day #3 - Magic Kingdom

 we rode "a boat" to Disney

 love - love - love the 3D rides and movies!

this was fun to see!  We had some Disney pictures taken in front of this shed...hopefully I will have those to share in a few days!

 a BIG highlight of the day!!

 waiting for the Pirate Ride!  It was super-duper hot!

 Charli picked out about 10 things to take pictures on while on this ride for her teachers at school!

 Disney had a "wish lounge" that we took advantage of for about ten minutes to rest our feet and eat a little snack!  It was a nice way to separate from the big crowds and get our second wind!

waiting for the ever so exciting Lilo & Stitch ride (which was strange and not worth the wait, fyi!!)

 but this ride...the BUZZ ride, was totally worth it!  We both loved this ride!!

after she came back she said "is this a dream?"!!

we love Buzz!

this was the view from a very high and tall ride Charli wanted to do...it was a rocket ship, and I was scared!

 ahhh, the sweet taste of the end of the day :-)

 if this small-town living gig doesn't work out for Charli, I think she may have a Popsicle modeling career ahead of her...she makes this look good!!

 happy boy!!

 Charli bought gifts for many people with her own money...including her daddy!  She found a coffee mug.  I suggested she get the goofy one, but she wanted a green and yellow one.  It just happened to be a grump cup. Ironic?!

we celebrated Christmas while we were there...Harper's tank top does not go well with the Christmas tree in the back!

Hasbro toys is gracious enough to donate toys to Santa to give all the kids, saving his sleigh from having to haul so much!  Harper picked play dough and Charli picked a transformer!

 waiting for our sleigh ride!!

 new toys are so much fun!

 deciding on the color of the transformer was the hardest part of the day!

 ice cream AND a bubble bath, yes please!!

 good ole George!

 a little out of order, but another shot I loved!  

 and again, simply because I love all four of these guys!!  :-)

 hmmm, they don't exactly look excited to see Santa - but they were!

 who knew George was so short?!

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  1. Great pictures!!!!! The Buzz Ride was my favorite, too when I went a few years ago! I'm sure it has been updated by now! It looks like you all had a SUPER good time! XXXXOOOOPPPP Grmpa & Grma P