Friday, April 13, 2012

Day #6 - Ocean

I realize today that I mislabeled my days!!!  Welcome to day #6, our day at the ocean!!

their first trip to the ocean!!

no one would agree to being buried in sand, so I was the lucky one!

LOVE this picture!  Chad got harper with both feet off the ground!!

Charli turned total gangsta' while we were down south!

...and her dad tried to keep up!

dancing in the Florida ran!

no matter how long the day, there is always time for Dad to play!

Charli had a star placed in the magic castle so she will always have a piece of "her" there...and something to come back and see anytime we return to FL!  This picture is of Charli watching a show to find out where her star is!  The star fairy placed it while the rest of the village was sleeping!

^^ Charli's star is in this circle!!  ^^
sometimes the smiles were a little hard to come by, but when they were there and when they were genuine - they were gorgeous!

legos are super fun no matter where you find them!!

we have never been to a "Steak & Shake" before, and it was so much fun!!  The kids had fun, the food was good, and we had a great time!

oh, and they had these adorable hats :-)

each villa had rocking chairs on the front porch, it was a nice touch and a great way to end any day!

Celebrating Mayor Claytons birthday party!  Everyone had the village had a surprise party for the Mayor.  The kids each got their own icee, popcorn, and bag full of goodies!  Talk about a sugar rush!  Luckily the kids passed up, on their own the huge slices of cake and cookie decorating!


it WAS a surprise party!  Charli and Harper found our place to hide, somehow Chad was in charge of the camera for this part of the trip.  Suspicious!

Charli wanted to get some ink while we were there to remember the trip - she picked a baseball player!

Harper picked some skull & bones!  

so proud of my tattooed babies and their confidence to express themselves through ink :-)

later that night, and perhaps one of the top five highlights, Mayor Clayton came to visit and tuck the kids into bed!

Harper says "where are your pants"...and from that moment on - we were all a little freaked out by that! :

we thought he was fluffing Charli's pillow, until he turned around and started a one sided pillow fight with dad!  Cute!

checking for dust bunnies!

What a FUN way to go to bed on your last night in such a magical place!!

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