Monday, April 9, 2012

the real Candyland!

as we enter the village...such a cute welcome!

the arcade!

movie theatre

ice cream for breakfast?!  why, yes!

the magic castle!

the "gingerbread house" This restaurant on the village is ran by Perkins, but they take no credit!  All the food is donated to the village to feed their 140+ families each week!

this was the view across from our house!

Harper was backing little bags to go in his bag on the plane!

a little senior pose action going on, I guess?!

Charli's room was decorated for us when we arrived in Omaha!  It made her feel pretty special!

The start of our "eat whatever you want" week at Old Chicago!

they kids were "hiding their eyes" for the surprise the night before we left Omaha!  They each got "cuddle uppets"  Charli saw these things on TV once, and fell in love with them...I haven't seen them advertised since!

getting in Charli's limo!

checking out the city lights!

hanging out in "Mayor Claytons" house!  Mayor Clayton is the bunny who runs the village we stayed at!

Chad and Haper swimming together!

Charli learned to surf while we were there! ;-)

such a fun bathtub, to have while on vacation!  Bubbles like this each night!

Charli loved the rides like this! On this one she told Chad, while on the way down, "hold my heart daddy" it must have been beating quickly and she wasn't sure what to think of that!

waiting to feed the dolphins!

Harper was not a happy camper, as demonstrated above, when he found out he was not riding with mom and Charli on this ride!

they did enjoy riding this together, alone!

such a fun show!

we were sitting so close I didn't even have to zoom!  Above is momma and baby!

waiting for ice cream on our first night!

Charli * Mayor Clayton * Harper

the kids running all-over-the-place in their new jammies!

unwinding with a little cartoon before bed!

I will post more pictures...and once I get them all on I will try to share some stories!  It is hard to capture it all, but I will do my best!

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  1. AWESOME! Looks like great fun was had by all! Now I know who the rabbit was that Charli was trying to tell me about! Great pictures! XXXXOOOOPPPP Grmpa & Grma P