Sunday, June 26, 2011

Relay For Life

The Relay For Life of Platte County was another success!!  While I was not co-chairing it this year, I was still able to help.  The other Hero of Hope for Nebraska hurt her back this week and was not able to drive to speak at our event, so about six hours before the program started I was asked to step in!!  Everyone at our events had heard Charli's story before so I knew I needed to rewrite anything I had used at other events!  I was honored to share our story with our hometown Relay again!

It was reported today that the event raised $20,000 OVER their goal, bringing it to $200,000!!!!

 this is the new podium Janelle (current tri-chair, my former co-chair, and Chad's aunt!!) had made!

 Charli sharing her name with the crowd "Charli Preister ~ 4 year survivor"

 No big surprise, but Charli wanted to walk the lap alone.  I knew the time would come, and i was not surprised since she has done a few at other events this year, but it feels "empty" to let her go without us...

 Charli and I sharing her story!  A few times that night i let her have the microphone to share the spotlight.  She said crazy things such as "eyeball", "ziggidy-wow-wow" and ended the entire speech with a comment which would make anything I said be forgotten!  I gave Charli one last chance to share her nearly 5-year old thoughts, to which she said "I saw my mommy's underwear".  Lovely.  Four years ago she stole the show by pointing out an airplane as it flew overheard.  This year, she left the crowd of nearly 2,000, according to the newspaper, wondering what color my underwear was that night.  I am so glad we could all share that moment :-)

 The fam!  At this point Harper was mad because he wanted the bottle of water open and Charli wanted games and candy!!

showing off some face painting...both sides were done up with flashy footballs!

 there is NO way he would be left out!!

 Harper got to open a late gift, which just makes the birthday last forever -- score for him!!

when Chad and Harper get to pick clothes out together, this is what we get.  I am not sure who picked which parts of the outfit...but I think we have an issue here!

 "shhhh" there are baby birdies in our pretty hanging flowers on the front of the house!  Chad came to me the other day and said "you can either have a heart, or have pretty flowers" ~ he then told me I would have to pick the baby birds or pretty flowers...the kids love those birds so I will let the dream of pretty flowers go this year! 

 four babies tucked in their nest!

 putting his new bubble mower to good use!

 busy-bodies!  running on hay bales, riding bikes, climbing tractors, jumping, sorting, etc...there is just so much to do on th farm!!  Rachelle was super aunt and had Colton and Charli over to camp on the farm Saturday night! Harper was invited as well, but he didn't sleep well the night before so we didn't want to ruin everyone elses fun!  She is a rockstar,  I heard Vicki is keeping all of them next weekend ... she is so sweet too.  ;-)  (maybe I misunderstood???!)

 perfecting her flip!

 perfecting his jump!

 Harper likes to play on the tractors!  Grandpa's 4020 is super fun to play on...lots of levers and nobs!

 how fun!!  Grandpa pitched the ball several times letting Colton and Charli play baseball!

 measuring the corn before the 4th of July!

 Harper was not willing to go into the field...which is okay because next wee he would probably get lost if he tried it again!

 Chad and Charli playing cute!  I honestly never thought I would see this happen!!  He was a great pitcher because she hit the ball about seven times in a row!

 smashing it again! :-)

Harper was not as good as Chad however...but he had fun even if Charli didn't get a hit off of him!

 I am not sure where he came from, but this is a new pet turtle at the shop!!  Sign #4564 that we need to be out of town...Chad is resorting to pet turtles because he wants more animals so bad!

I am pretty sure this turtle is named "Hunter" and he is 11 years old!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Haper!!

A  lot can change overnight...a lifetime of changes happens in 730 nights.  Today, Harper turned two!  Happy 2nd birthday "buddy"!!

 one cannot do something without the other wanting to join!  This is one way chad makes sure he is "fair"!!

 these pictures are terribly out of order!  This was from today!  Charli is wearing all of Harper's toys he got from his birthday (most of them from her even!!)

 Charli and her best-bud Maggie at Bible School! 

 Harper came strolling in with Charli's glasses on  ~ he looks like a little nerd!

 this chair is just the perfect size for two little bums!

 Harper's adorable cake!  If you live in the area, I have a great cake-lady for you...she has done all of our cakes from confirmation to graduation, wedding, baptism, and now birthday after birthday!!  I made Harper's invites this year, and they look exactly  like what she made on the cake -- she did great!!!  And, it was delicious!

 excitement!!  Harper got his very own helmet for his birthday!!!  He was so proud to wear it when we rode today!

 double-picture opp here!!  You can see us on Rachelle's camera at the bottom of the shot too!! 
 It is amazing how quickly they pick up on things!  Harper got on his 4-wheeler today and drove standing up!!  Charli does this too...something she learned from her show off father!!

 the two boys on their special days!  Happy Father's Day Chad & Happy Birthday Harper!!

 I guess it is more fun to drive while you stand?!

 the back of the prowler is a great spot to rest after a full morning of playing at the shop!!

 Chad is so proud of this picture!  Zoe was his first dog as an adult...and his "baby" at the shop --- Harper was having so much fun!  They would not sit still for a picture, Zoe kept trying to (and being successful) lick Harper and when Zoe was still Harper kept trying to kiss her!!

 I am SO glad we don't have any attitude yet, that will be hard.  ;-)

 yay!!  Harper got so excited about all of his gifts!  He had several to open today as well...and he got equally excited about all of them.  He even picked a few to hug and kiss!!

 the kids working on the swing!  Charli has her "worker vest", her "tool" hat (which is a toy she gave to harper!!) and his John Deere tool set (which she also gave to harper!!) to work on the bottom side of the swing!

 I am certain he has rode on this type of toy before...but he had a blast on it today!

 Charli as a worker next to a cone at the shop!!  She loves this vest....happy birthday Harper!  ;-)

 I don't give Harper enough credit...he climbed that rope/ladder with ease all by himself!  He was so proud!  I guess I should have known, he is two ya know?! ;-)  Charli told him "Happy birthday, you 2-year old"!

 these two had a hanging contest!  Harper left Charli in his dust.  not only did he hang longer, he was pulling his legs up just to show off! 

Charli wanted to go super-high and Chad wouldn't go as high as she wanted!  So they compromised and she sat in the infant swing and Chad gave Charli her way!! (like that ever happens!!)