Friday, January 27, 2012

party like it's your birthday

party party!!

Last weekend the kids and I were fortunate enough to get to party with some special people for a very fun 4th birthday party!  We took off for Lincoln to hit up the big  bounce house and indoor play yard!  It was a little overwhelming at first, especially for this germaphobe, but we all made it through (and we all have colds this week to prove it!)!  We were so busy I didn't get my camera out, so I stole these two pics from another mom!

The kids had so much fun, and were exhausted by the time we got home Saturday night!  Charli had a BLAST running around being a monkey enjoying each area in the building!  Her favorite was the glow in the dark room with a foam pit.  Harper, on the other hand, just loved being able to roam and run on his own.  His favorite was the bouncy room with slides galore!  

Brenda and the Birthday girl!!

Harper had a great time with his new bff, Jennifer!  I was lucky to make this trip with great friends who really take on and love the other kids as their own...not everyone is so lucky!  It was a great time...thanks Jen, Kim, and Crystal for the mom and kids day out!

Happy Birthday 4th Birthday Kadence!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

as the days fly by....

Either we are having our last Christmas for 2011...or we could say we had our first Christmas for 2012 -- I guess it depends on how we want to look at it!  Chad's side of the famiy had to reschedule due to the one storm we got in December!  Ironicly enough we got another storm the afternoon of this party!  Above are some of the grandkids and great-grandkids.  It is a large there are several missing!

Harper * Great Grandpa Allen * Charli

January is almost over - which is nice because spring is near...but I realized that in less than two months we will be registering Charli for school, and reaching her FIVE year mark from diagnosis!!  Time can fly!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

late, but not forgotten!

 all the "kids" enjoying a new toy Harper got for Christmas...Charli sporting her new spiderman jammies from Santa!  a big hit!

another big hit...Harper got this hat from my dad!  My dad was in the special forces during Vietnam (Green Baret) and got these hats for all the little boys.  Harper loves his, and wants to wear it all the time!  Makes me proud, and a excited that he loves it so much! 

It is a good thing Harper got this bag from his sister for Christmas, because we have run out of hands to take things to daycare each day!  Seeing two book bags hanging in my kitchen seems funny, I was just getting used to one hanging there!

 and...the new favorite hiding spot in the house!

Charli is great at finding a place to hide!  She will make it look like they are on the bed, under the covers, and tuck under the bed.  This is also where Harper will go to hide if he thinks it should not be time to brush his teeth, take a bath, go to bed, etc!

2012, what will you bring?!

(I wrote this on Jan 5th, but it didn't publish.  Maybe that should have been a sign?!  But since I haven't written in so long I thought I would post this one even though it is a little late!)

2011 was a fun year for our family.  Many things went as planned, and a few not so planned...but that is what makes up life, right?!

There as been a lot of "resolution" talk going on in my circle of friends.  We came up with five "working points" for our Sunday School class last week, and I have friends who are asking their friends to help make suggestions on what could/should change in the new year.  No  matter your reasoning and technique, the thought of a resolution is a far bigger deal than I think we give it credit.  It is an opportunity many of us take to see something in our life we want to improve, and make an effort to do so.  Are we always successful?  No.  However, I do think the realization that we COULD do better, is a step in the process.  I guess, like with most everything, the moment we stop trying to improve is the same moment we start to slowly give up.

With that said, I have a list of resolutions and I know I will reach some, and some may be there again in 2013...or I will realize that they shouldn't have been there in 2012!

I have a lot of expectations for 2012.  Our family will have new opportunities, and threats, presented that will be unique, and hopefully will lead us in a positive direction.  I don't think I put any expectations on 2011, but are different! 
*I expect a Kindergartner
*I do NOT expect any broken bones
*I expect to hear "she looks good" when Charli goes in for her annual check-up at Children's
*I expect to make "fun in the sun" memories, not only with my children, but with my husband and friends
*I expect to travel and make once in a lifetime memories with and for my kids
*I expect to be their for my friends in moments of joy and sadness
*I expect to have these friends there for me in my moments of joy and sadness
*I expect Harper to be sad when Charli is at school all day, and not with him as much
*I expect Harper to be excited when Charli is at school all day, and not with him as much
*I expect more positive than negative!

I would love for you to share some of your expectations!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

oh the joys!!

The joys of having a 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 year old...

When the little brother has a word he gets in trouble for saying, the big sister has learned to spell it.
When said brother says bad word, big sister spells the word for parents to "share" what little brother has said.
Little brother now knows how to say and spell the word he is not supposed to say.

It's a beautiful cycle.