Thursday, July 31, 2014

More to Celebrate in July!

July brought more time with our Arkansas cousins.  Reid is the baby of the Borg family, so he is a big favorite of many....and has my kids BEGGING for their own "baby Reid".  Pretty soon, during a visit in the near future, they will realize that cute little boys quickly grown up to be ornery big boys!  (though I am pretty sure Reid is perfect ;-)  )

This may  not be my most proud moment, but it is one of hers...Charli wiggled her tooth out with her mini snap-on pillars.  Sigh.

heading into Y camp...she got to spend the day at the baseball stadium in Omaha!

When uno goes extreme...

on a quick whim we decided to make the trip to Grand Island to see what the Hall County fair was all about.  There was a not a lot there that got the kids excited...but this was a blast for them!

They really enjoyed watching the "big dogs" at the truck pull...

...and dad was excited to see the kids get excited about all the noise and flying mud!

Charli's baseball team after their final game...this may be a bit out of order!

I took the kids to the Color Run in Omaha this year, so we went down the night before for some family fun.  We had a blast at SkyZone, which is a warehouse full of trampolines!  We were in our zone and got to be as crazy as we wanted to be!

My sister and her girls did the Color Run too...the kids were beasts and had so much fun getting dirty!

After the run I got to stay down and go to a concert with pretty much the perfect weekend ;-)

Coming up in September there will be a childhood cancer fundraising event in Columbus called "GlowGold"...we are looking forward to it. Above is the billboard in Columbus - sadly we know almost every kiddo on there.  Charli is the third from the right .  To the left of her is a preschool classmate and friend of Harper's who is currently fighting as well.  Lots of people who are special to us are pictured above...sad.