Saturday, January 14, 2012

late, but not forgotten!

 all the "kids" enjoying a new toy Harper got for Christmas...Charli sporting her new spiderman jammies from Santa!  a big hit!

another big hit...Harper got this hat from my dad!  My dad was in the special forces during Vietnam (Green Baret) and got these hats for all the little boys.  Harper loves his, and wants to wear it all the time!  Makes me proud, and a excited that he loves it so much! 

It is a good thing Harper got this bag from his sister for Christmas, because we have run out of hands to take things to daycare each day!  Seeing two book bags hanging in my kitchen seems funny, I was just getting used to one hanging there!

 and...the new favorite hiding spot in the house!

Charli is great at finding a place to hide!  She will make it look like they are on the bed, under the covers, and tuck under the bed.  This is also where Harper will go to hide if he thinks it should not be time to brush his teeth, take a bath, go to bed, etc!

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