Friday, January 27, 2012

party like it's your birthday

party party!!

Last weekend the kids and I were fortunate enough to get to party with some special people for a very fun 4th birthday party!  We took off for Lincoln to hit up the big  bounce house and indoor play yard!  It was a little overwhelming at first, especially for this germaphobe, but we all made it through (and we all have colds this week to prove it!)!  We were so busy I didn't get my camera out, so I stole these two pics from another mom!

The kids had so much fun, and were exhausted by the time we got home Saturday night!  Charli had a BLAST running around being a monkey enjoying each area in the building!  Her favorite was the glow in the dark room with a foam pit.  Harper, on the other hand, just loved being able to roam and run on his own.  His favorite was the bouncy room with slides galore!  

Brenda and the Birthday girl!!

Harper had a great time with his new bff, Jennifer!  I was lucky to make this trip with great friends who really take on and love the other kids as their own...not everyone is so lucky!  It was a great time...thanks Jen, Kim, and Crystal for the mom and kids day out!

Happy Birthday 4th Birthday Kadence!!

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