Saturday, February 4, 2012

welcome, winter....

As we welcome February, we have welcomed (or not really) winter.  Friday evening / Saturday morning we received about 8+ inches of snow where we live...which is our biggest snow this winter.  Once Chad and the kids scooped the snow everything started to melt.  The snow will certainly be here for awhile, but it won't be as bad as it could be!

Before the snow hit we had several beautiful days so we enjoyed some spring/fall like activities! 

 I am pretty sure Chad enjoys this more than either of the kids...but I will never know for sure!

 it doesn't always happen, but when it does, the two kids playing together is a little slice of heaven!!

Our picnic on the 30th day of January!!

a bike ride is a GREAT way to burn energy off after a long day!  The days are getting longer which meant on the warmer days we had we could be out until 6:00!

"mans best friend" is the case with Harper and Wynston for sure!

I have been having a problem with my alarm clock lately.  It will go off around 2:30 and even at 5:30 when I am not in bed anymore.  The worst part is when it goes off before 6:00 on the weekends.  My alarm clock weighs about 30 lbs and doesn't have a snooze button.  Harper tries to sneak in our room almost every night, with no success...but the boy has yet to give up! 

With the recent snowfall Charli can't get outside fast or long enough!  Both kids have had fun playing outside and in the snow!  I think this will stick around for awhile, but hopefully spring will be here soon!! 

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  1. Love your pics!! We got hit hard too--about 8 inches I believe. But, we've been so lucky so I am not complaining! :) Goodness your kiddos look so big. We need to get them together again this year!