Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am happy to be back in Nebraska after spending a great week in Washington DC...but it is hard to catch up with work and "other" stuff once I am home.  Hope to update pictures early this week...feels like it has been so long since updating pictures and telling stories!

Charli and Chad made her valentine's for school today - she picked a Valentine Robot...which she was so excited about so she doubled up for daycare later in the week too!  I didn't get any pictures of their teamwork, but will try to get a picture of a "bot" before they last ones go to daycare!  Her favorite thing about this is the "Ninja" cards she is, talk about excited when she saw these in the store!!  Have a tomboy has it's advantages, no need to double up on cards for such events.  Thank you, Charli!

Big thanks to those who helped Chad while I was gone...and BIG props to him for keeping the house running without missing a beat while I was gone.  I walked into the house with the dishes done, laundry kept up, house clean...and it was awesome!!  Happy Valentine's Day to me :-)

hope to get pictures and updates up soon...have a sweet week :-D

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