Sunday, February 26, 2012

making the words mean what we want

Charli has been working hard on her words, letters, and numbers.  Several times a week she will get her notebook out and learn to spell a variety of words.  Some words are easy and ones she can sound out, and others are so random it makes me wonder how her little mind ticks!  She is also experimenting with using her own grown up words such as "irritating", "aggravating", "hilarious", "absolutely", and "unbelievable" to name a few.  It's fun to hear her use these grown up words, and makes me giggle when she uses them correctly as well as incorrectly from time to time.  Her favorite phrase right now is "Mom/Dad, come look what your son has done.  Now."  She has a varying opinion some days on being a big sisters, but each night before bed she always rests her head on her pillow being thankful and full of love for her brother...which is all we can ask for ;-)

I know this is not a great picture of Harper, he looks much better when you can see his beautiful blue eyes, but I love the look on his face!  We had extra time one morning and he took Wynston to his room to play..I walked in on them cuddling up!

this cutie is probably Harper's second favorite animal right now!  This is "Gunner", and he belongs to cousins Ryen & Macey...or as Harper said "Uncle Shawns".  "Uncle Shawn" is another man in Harper's eyes who has hung the moon...these lucky guys get the best of Harper!!

Welcome to the new world of technology and birthday parties!!  Ryen shares a birthday with her Aunt (my sister-in-law) Kara, who lives in Arkansas.  It's no fun to leave them out of the festivities so we skyped while Ryen opened her gifts!  The Arkansas boys (Cohen, Grant, and Reid) were adorable!

this is my favorite picture of the weekend!  Birthday girl Ryen and Harper getting ready to dive into the cake!

This picture is especially for Uncle Randy to enjoy..."woo pig sooie"  (Randy, Charli picks this shirt out weekly to wear and is in her top five favorite shirts!)  The girls were playing dress up and performing...I think she was cowboy Charli here...not to be mistaken for cowgirl Charli.

Harper and one of his most talked about people...Uncle Shawn.  Maybe it is the matching blue eyes that makes them buddies...whatever it is, it is adorable!  They were heading out for one of the main attractions while out west, a ride on cupcake the horse!  Both kids got to ride, and it is always a highlight for them!

slumber party fun!  The girls look forward to their slumber parties each time we go out there...they get to fall asleep to a movie and snuggle in for the night!
they were like little animals at feeding time!!  Shawn yelled "breakfasts ready" and they came running!

I can see a musical future for these two!  Charli & Macey will make it rich, for sure!!

Charli is very good at telling us how much she loves us.  Generally it sounds like "I love you to the moon and back" or "I love you to infinity 90 times".  Today Chad was told, "I love you to Iowa". 

I love the thought process of a 5 year old!! 


  1. Harper's eyes are so BLUE. I love them! And Charli looks more and more grown up with each update you post. Looks like they have been having lots of fun! BTW, Charli chose Iowa today because she knows this is where it's AT! ;)

  2. Love! I agree with "Court" above, those eyes are amazing, I love seeing them each week! Charli is getting to look like a "big girl". I can tell she will have a timeless beauty!

    Looks like those cousins have a great time together, and I bet they never get wild or crazy! Is there ever a pictures of those kids together where they are not happy? Great kids, great family. Thanks for sharing with us!