Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun Friday

We haven't taken any trips this summer...and our fun Fridays have been pretty consistent with our typical Pizza & Movie Night tradition - so this weekend we went all out for a Fun Friday weekend!  We have wanted to take the kids to a game, but the timing is never right...and this weekend it seemed to fall better (though no perfect) than other times.  Friday afternoon we took off for Lincoln to hit a Saltdogs game.  Out of all the pictures I took, I forgot to take any of the game!  Whoops.  The kids had a great time.  Also not pictured here is the kids running the bases.  After the game they were going to do fireworks, but as a result of a fast game it was not dark yet!  All the kids at the stadium had the opportunity to run the bases.  They thought this was awesome!

The fireworks show was awesome - it was so close, as they closed the parking lot for their display so it was placed just next to the stadium.  Harper says this was his favorite part of the entire trip!

And this it the image which ended the night!

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