Monday, July 22, 2013

Trying to Keep up!

I am trying SO hard to keep this blog up as we wind summer down.  Letters about school orientation and open houses are coming in the mail, "first day of school" is on the calendar that flips over next's just getting too real.  Where did the careful long summer days go?  Our weekends seem so full, yet I want more time!

Moving on is always the best alternative to sitting bring it on!

 The Junebugs got 3rd place in their division!  We all celebrated with some cool treats after!  Thanks to the superfans who made the games and encouraged her each week!  

Knocked off our summer list was another first for the kids...a demolition derby!  The kids loved it...start to finish, they would go again!

Charli was pretty stoked to win this shirt!  They were shooting shirts out of a big "hot dog" gun.  She tried several times to catch one that went "just over our head" (by 20 feet!)...but no luck.  Then a nice man who sat next to us vowed to get her a shirt...and he did!  BUT, it fell right out of his hands into the grubby little paws of a teenage boy...who later gave it to Charli!  It was a win for everyone!

Ya know...just hanging in a tire.  What you doin'? 

We took a quick trip to Omaha on Saturday and hit the Wildlife Safari on the way out of town again this year...which has been a big hit on both occasions we have gone.  Well worth the time and drive while we were there!

On Sunday we made our first fishing trip!  It was hot, hOt, HOT!!  Charli caught a fish....everyone was so excited.  Harper lost his excitement when he didn't get a turn, but next time!

Isn't this what fishing is all about?!

I have come to embrace, and even look forward to this a little bit!  Harper's sturdy independence may be what causes a lot of drama between our four walls, but God bless him...he is his own person!  He is learning and growing more and more each day, and that is what being a 4 year old is all about!  So often we do not pay attention to the little person he is becoming, in the same way we did for Charli at this age, which is a natural thing to do after #1 rolls by.  But when life slows down, just a little bit, and we are able to see what unique and loving children we are raising...things just click differently!  

What will you do to make this week unique?

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  1. I am so excited these updates have been closer together, no pressure to keep it that way or anything! You're kids are too adorable, and I love how fun you are keeping the summer. You make Nebraska look like the place to be! (well, maybe I shouldn't go THAT far, but you do make it look like I place I would like to be!!) ~~Tabi