Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Independence Day!

The 4th has come and gone, and with that it starts to feel like summer is dwindling down.  Back to School ads are out, the kids are talking about new backpacks and school shoes - yet it feels like summer just began!  
This year we watched the fireworks in Columbus again.  As you can see below, Charli did not think they were as good this year...she crawled into the back of my car and feel asleep on a pile of Charli's Angels shirts!  She has a mustache painted on her face from a fun day at school, and she was beat!  

We went to the Platte Center parade again this year.  The parental side of me thinks that this is the perfect parade...the time is just perfect and the candy scored is not to much it makes me sick to look at!  It was a great morning for it - and the kids had fun!  We got to see a few friends there, which is like icing on the cake!

The rest of the day was spent playing.  We played at the shop before going out to my parents farm for lunch.  My dad was helping a neighbor with their chores while away so the kids got to be farmers with grandpa...which they all loved. My ONLY complaint is that I took all the pictures on my dads camera :(  They had a great time picking eggs, feeding the goats, horses, and dogs, pitching the hay, and checking out the equipment!  They each asked for a "farm" when we left!

When we returned home we were greeted by an air conditioner that was on the fritz, so after a quick supper we decided to head out to the races so we could wait for darkness and fireworks at our house!  The kids had a great time, we realized this was their first time at the races so it was a lot for them to take in!

(when did Charli go from being a cute little girl to a pretty girl?)

Charli and I got to spend a few hours together last week so we took a trip to the Higgins Memorial to find my dads brick honoring his service in the Army.  List above is says that my dad, Charles, was in the division of the airborne special forces division.  I am so proud of his past accomplishments, and while I do not know all of his sacrifice, I will never be ignorant to his past and what he did for everyone in our county as a young adult.  Chad's grandpa, Alphonse, has a brick in the same section!  Ironic to have them so close, when there are thousands of people honored there!  I am not sure what CPL means, I THINK (stress the word think, because I truly do not know!) it meas corporal. 

We hope your 4th of July snapped, crackled, and popped...but only in a good day!

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