Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoo - Loo

One of our favorite summer places is the Monroe Zoo! If you are within driving distance, you should go!  The Horn T Zoo is so much fun for the kids.  We go several times each summer they are open!!  Each time we have gone we learn so much!  You get your own "personal tour" of the animals and get hands on experience with many of them!  Below you will see the kids feeding Coco the monkey, petting Bella the bear,loving on their pregnant momma zebra, talking with their birds, and exercising with their porky-pines! It was a fun way to end our full weekend!

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  1. I have missed your frequent posts. I can tell life has filled up for you because your blog has always been important to you! Keep sharing when you can, because we love to see! (thankful for facebook in the meantime) Looks like life has been good to the Preisters this busy summer! ~Tabi