Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Fun Day!

This is a talent that she is pretty proud of.  This also helped us discover that her dad can do the same thing.  Genetics?! 

Charli lost tooth #4 at the Central City Subway this weekend!  

We took a family "work" trip to GI on Saturday and found our own fun!  The kids enjoyed some new scenery...and a Saturday that didn't include rain!

We even found a train to ride!

It IS as much fun as it looks!  ;-)

We got to see Monsters University with friends this weekend too!  The theater was so full that we sat in three different rows - in two different sections :(  The kids enjoyed the movie though!

Henry * Harper * Sadie

Charli * Maggie    (not pictured Cohen & Kadence)

Charli had a full week at camp this year.  The camp is just outside of town and was a full day M-F.  She was exhausted, but did so many fun things.  It was called "Deer Camp".  She got to canoe, learn archery, swim, etc.  All activities which were right up her alley! At the end of camp they handed out about 7 awards.  She was "lucky" enough to win the "most humorous" award and came home with her own banana trophy!  She giggled...and is pretty proud of it!

Charli also earned her orange belt last week!  (we had a BUSY week!)  She tested for this the week before getting to spend time with Aunt Rachelle out west, so she had to wait to find out!  It's amazing to watch their little minds & bodies work and learn! 

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