Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Days

In an effort to not get so far we are again!

 Charli's class got to go to the Omaha zoo last week, so much fun!  Charil had so many stories about things she saw with her friends, etc.  What a good memory of Kindergarten!

This little boy loves the perks that comes with Charli's softball solo-park time with mom/dad at the field!  (and I do too!)

plumber in trianing....maybe?

We were playing outside, I went to the backyard and Charli was gone...but she left a note ;-)

I got to enjoy Mother's Day with my mom and was a great day!  

 Charli & Grandma bird watching...there were some amazing neon yellow finches out there!

The girls!

 too sweet!  Harper was tired after working with the boys and running to fix a part - he snuggled with grandma for some rocking time!  Love this!

 When Charli is left to her own time....these things 'just' happen!

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