Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3rd times a charm!!

I was starting to stress a little as several of the pictures I took were not on my computer, but never fear....I found them!  Sorry for the blast of posts!

more from state track!

two of the several state track athletes from our family!
(PS - in case I have not previously mentioned this, my dad is growing out his beard for the Q125 celebrations coming up in our hometown!)

Celebrating my dad's 70th birthday with him!  (he MAY be told he reminds people of Uncle Si every now and again!)

Chad calls this dedication...snuggling up with his backhoe! 

I know I already posted a picture - but this one seemed to be better!

Several Pictures from Memorial Day in Newman Grove...I love some of these pictures!

I am very proud when I have the opportunity to see my dad in uniform. He was a member of the Green Barrett during the Vietnam War.  While I do not know all of the details of his responsibilities or the war itself, I know what I need to know...my dad is and was a hero.  I have a love hate relationship with the details.  I would love to know stories to share with my kids, but for some reason I cannot make myself learn because it hurts my heart to know what he and my mom went through.  Being a member of the Green Barrett is prestigious, but it wasn't for free. 

Not a great picture, they were part of a fly over during the ceremony.  

WWE - Preister

taking "planned" pictures of the kids generally goes like this....

Charli smile.....

Harper, sit by your sister and smile please!

which leads into wrestling... 

which leads into teasing of the brother/sister

and ultimately ends with one of them winning.  Yesterday it was Harper who won by planting a kiss on his sister who fought it hard!

and relishing in the joys of victory....the car to himself!

the boys!

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