Monday, May 13, 2013

Congrats Derek!

My "little" nephew Derek graduated last weekend...what a day!  I remember when he was born, and I thought his name was "Eric" instead of Derek!  I remember babysitting him, and taking him out of the car seat as soon as my sister would leave because I wanted to snuggle him.  He loved Winnie the Poo and hasn't changed in looks since he was 2!  He is caring, kind, and sensitive.  He is a good kid, and now e is off to college.  

 while going around to give hugs to everyone, and flowers to his parents, his little brother Colton ran to him.  I was lucky enough to catch it on camera.  It melted my heart.  Brotherly love at its finest. 

 Colton had a great idea to bring colors and books to keep busy.  Sharing was kind of hard when sharp colors became broken ones...but who can blame him.  Sharp colors ARE the best!

 My amazing nephews!  Bryant * Derek * Andrew * Colton  This is a good group right here!

I'd like to say they get their good looks from their mom, but they all look just like their dad!  (they are pretty lucky to have those genetics too)  They get their sparkling personality from her though :-)

Photobombed by his mom!

The Borg girls!
Rachelle * Vic * Brenda *Macey * Ryen * Charli

 Everyone was home...and in one spot!  I cannot tell you the last time this happened.  Made my heart happy!
Derek * Ryen * Macey * Reid * Bry * Andrew * Macey * Cohen * Harper * Grant * Colton

This is Charli, with her hair down!  Beauty. 

Sunday was also my bday.  I parked at Chad's sisters house while at graduation.  When I came back my car was decorated...thanks Braxton!  When I left I took the party supplies and decorated his 4-wheeler!  The neighbors may not have liked that as I am not sure they were secure enough to not blow off into their yard!

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