Monday, May 27, 2013

May marvels!

I just realized I had not downloaded pictures off of one of my cameras since early spring (late winter, I am just trying to not feel so bad) so a random post of pictures is to follow this!  [pardon the typos and lack of a rush!!]

Charli was so excited to to have this tooth fall out, on it's own! The other two teeth came out at the dentist office -- pure joy!!

Our little artist...Charli found this picture of herself as a baby in her jaundice light and drew her own rendition!  

We are all pretty proud of this!  Charli has titled this piece "the brain" and is her very own piece of abstract art!

Look at those curls!!  If she would ever wear her hair down we may get to see this!

First Day / Last day of Kindergarten 2012/2013

Last day of school picnic at North Park!

Charli's ribbons from her first track meet!

1st place - Long Jump!

gearing up for the first night at softball...good bye t-ball and hello coach pitch!

Not fair that this guy gets the snuggles...

 proud and excited!

Finishing the 200 yard dash!

anxiously awaiting to start the 400 yard!

just after this, she rounded the curve to pass a few girls!

Charli got student of the month...YAY CHARLI!!

We love this woman, and one of the biggest reasons I wish Kindergarten could last forever!  

BFFs!!  Maggie & Charli

Two weeks ago I went to state track to support Derek in the 4 x 100!  

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