Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Dear Spring, we've missed you!!

We had a great time loving the sun for picnic, park, and farm time!!

I love Harpers arm around his big sister! 


Harper owned this rocking climbing wall! 

Dad called to invite us out for supper Sunday night.  Harper told the girls to stay behind as he said "Grandpa, don't we need to go check the steaks?".  And followed it up with "you girls stay here, this is boys work, right Grandpa?"  This boy loves the men in his life! 

This is Charli's favorite cat, with a blue eye and a green eye.  She wanted to name it "Best Cat Ever" but Grandpa was not sure about that, so they settled on "CC" which is short for Charli's Cat...or maybe Charlie's Cat.  I guess these two will need to fight over that part!

Charli was feeding CC and the others by hand!

After a work project Saturday I buzzed to Omaha to enjoy the Jason Aldean concert with friends!  This IS the year of concerts, let's not forget!!  Thanks to these girls we enjoyed a great show! 

Charli got to drive across the field and according to her daddy...whens she got near the farm place there were a few little boys watching her with a little jealousy in their eyes!  (and I think a little pride in hers!)

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