Monday, April 15, 2013

the sun is shinning, the grass is green!

Sorry for the delay, I posted our "results" on facebook...but forgot to come here too!  Charli was a rockstar at her appointment, as usual.  She had her echo and EKG, together they took about 45 minutes or so.  She sat patiently and let them place all the stickers and didn't let out even one squeal when they look them all off! All in all she had about 30 stickers placed I'd bet.

After her tests we had the chance to meet Sammy, another little boy fighting NB.  He is from Columbus, but we have never met.  Charli had a great check up with Dr. Thompson, Charli is doing just fine!  We were told that with a clear report from her EKG and echo Charli would not come back for TWO years!  That seems unbelievable.  When we go back Charli will be 8...what a milestone to be at the two year mark for appointments!  Each appointment brings a lot of emotions and fear, but as the spread out I can feel the normalcy and ability to let some of that fear slide go to the wayside.  (that is not to say it does not pop up it's ugly head when things don't seem just right!!)

Thanks for all the emails, texts, and facebook messages last week!  We have so many people who still follow Charli's story, it is humbling to be reminded of this.

The weather has turned into spring now, which is great!  We all have spring fever!  I will post pictures - just wanted to get this up since I have been a bit MIA!

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