Sunday, March 31, 2013

no April fools, please

Tomorrow could be a fun day with two little kids in the house.  A day filled with silly little jokes to tease the kids on April Fools Day, but tomorrow I pray for no April fools jokes.  Please.  Tomorrow we will be taking Charli down for her (now) annual oncology appointment.  This year she will have an EKG and an EEG (I think these are the names!) along with her usual blood work and appointment.

Same drill, different year.  We "know" she is okay....but at the same time 6 years ago we "knew" it would 'pass' and she would be okay too, and then we heard she had cancer.

There are  lot of words to describe tomorrow.

Worry.  Wonder.  Happiness.  Joy.  Guilt.  Fear.  Gratitude.  Amazement.  Faith.  Hope.  Anger. Disappointment.  Excitement.  Over-whelmed.  

Say your prayers with us!

Happy Easter everyone!  

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  1. Thinking of you all today! xoxo, Nance (BF)