Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the shame!

It's embarrassing that I have not posted pictures for a month!  We have been keeping busy, but the camera has been staying home.

A few weeks ago Chad and I went to Kansas City again, but this time with my sister Rachelle and her husband Shawn for an adult get away to enjoy the Lee Brice, Dierks Bentley, and Miranda Lambert concert.  I would love to say a good time was had by all, but Chad (bless his heart and all of his good qualities) is a crazy person and does not like concerts!  Despite that, I had a great time!  I was able to enjoy supper with an old college friend who was down there for the show too!  Loved that part!!  The concert was great, they each had a great show, though we all know who my fav is!

On our way home we were face to face with a snowstorm and our day away turned into two as we stopped traveling about 2 1/2 hours from home.  Better safe than sorry...and it was fun to have one more night away! It made the rest of the week fast and difficult for Chad to catch up...but he always works his magic to get it done.

Oh, I almost forgot!  The weekend before our KC trip I went to Omaha with friends for the Maroon 5 concert.  Probably THE best show I have been to!  We had great seats, it was an amazing performance  and the company was top notch! Lucky me!

The kids are cracking me up this week with their personalities, as usual...but sometimes seems to be clicking a little differently for both of them.  Charli has recently told me that she does not want her kids to act like "this" (in reference to her brother), and Harper is taking every opportunity to PLEASE be a big brother!  Disappointment early in life is good for them.  I feel safe to report that neither of them will get their way.  Not only will Harper forever be the little brother, but Charli will certainly have kids that act like Harper!  (and, lucky for her because he can be pretty awesome!)

The highlights as you will see below are: concerts, friends, dogs, first visit from tooth fairy, progress with taekwondo, and brother/sister fun!

Enjoy some pictures!

a boy and his dog!  Harper and Wynston are such buddies!

this child cannot wait for summer!  He is ready to pull out the sleeveless full time!  

I hope it is a long, LONG time before we build another of these!

he photo-bombed his own picture...is that possible?!

Charli lost her first tooth...her first teeth actually!  She had two teeth pulled a few weeks ago!  The above picture is NOT legit!  She will never see $100 from her tooth fairy!  I heard that one tooth fairy asked the other tooth fairy for money to pay Charli and this is what they got!  

she was so brave!  I hope her high pain tolerance will serve her well in life....not sure how?!

proud moment, proud mom, proud Charli!
Charli earned her first strip a few weeks ago!  

When the circus was in town they brought BMX bikes this year.  When they drove by one driver flashed his hand symbol to Harper and he lit up like a Christmas tree!  He has been doing it since!

We made a trip out west for Ryen's birthday party in February!  Here are the "Borg granddaughters".  I wonder if there will ever be more?!  I guess there were three Borg girls, so this is fitting?! 

We love jenga blocks at our house!  Sometimes we play jenga...sometimes we build! 

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  1. Glad you are back, don't stay away so long next time! I was waiting for those concert pictures, glad I saw them on fb (WEEKS AGO!!). Harper is too cute. If you could have another like him, I suggest making him a big brother for sure. Charli, well she is brave and beautiful as always!