Monday, August 27, 2012

the sunny side of things

Worlds worst blogger!  I have pictures from nearly a month ago still on my camera...until this morning!  SAD - SAD - SAD!  

 Harper was cheesing it up for the camera at Charli's birthday party (at daycare)!  Parties at daycare are so much fun!

 Charli's last party at Lynn's house!!  

 not a great picture of Charli, and her "librarian" glasses!  But, this is her and one of her bestest-buddies, Harrison!  She LOVES this boy!  She truly truly cannot get enough of him, and misses him greatly now that she is gone from Lynn's house!  :(

 arrgh!  Henry * Harrison * Sadie *Harper *Eastyn * Charli * Liam * Lexi

 Is there ever a picture at Lynn's house not followed up by a "silly face"?!

 musical chairs!

 I think a posted a picture similar to this a few weeks ago, but in this one you can see that they put a captain in the captains chair on the swing set!  Love to see the imagination flowing!

 Charli has been working on her "aquarium" for a few weeks now...adding to it and building it each week!  She is a great fish drawer!  

 my parents are adding onto their house again this fall...and this is sand courtesy of that project!  The kids had blast out there...and were dirty to prove it!!

 hmmm, there are five children and a grandpa out there....

 still missing two kids!!

 first day of school!!

 can't leave out little brother when taking pictures!

 waiting outside of the school door on her first day, before she knew her teacher or any of her new friends!

 precious!!  love this picture!

 finding her bag on the first day...there are two Charli(e)s in the class this year!

 the teachers make Kindergarten such a fun and safe place to be...Charli just let us walk right out.  

 Braxton and Harper coloring a few weeks ago when he came to play for the night...they were working on fish that Charli drew them!

 as you can see, her "school of fish" has expanded!

 i love their love for coloring!

Here are more pictures from our time last weekend at the safari!

 I can't wait to take these two back, they enjoyed the experience   

 a tired Wynston & Charli!

 since Harper will never get the chance to hold a little baby brother or sister, he got to hold our baby Charli!  ;-)  He would make a great big brother!

 to compare how big they have each gotten they tried to recreate a picture we had from 3 year ago.  I think they have each grown a bit...but Harper a little more than Charli!  He just doesn't fit on her lap anymore!!  

 Sadly, we have some Relay family who are going through a  really hard time right now.  Shelly is fighting ovarian cancer for the second time in 17 years.  Her husband Terry celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday at the benefit for his wife.  They have 6 kids under the age of 11 and a life full of chaos, and hope.  Most importantly HOPE.  Shelly is in TX receiving treatment and Terry is traveling back and forth as he is able to support and love her.  These are a few pictures from our time at their event.  It was an amazing turnout and out pour of love and support!  

By the way...Harper got a Monkey!

 I guess Dad let her have her choice....
...and she went BIG!

 this was the best $1 face paint job of a full tiger I have ever seen!!  She loved it...and loved to live the role while she had it on too!!  I guess between the shark earlier in the week and the tiger...animals are on her mind!  Must be mastering the zoo abc's that has inspired her!

on this bright and sunny Monday morning Charli got to enjoy eggs, sunny side up before school!  She popped right out of bed for this special breakfast.  Morning breakfast time can be a pretty special time, just the girls!  

Have a great week...September will be here soon!!

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  1. You are right, Harper would be a great big brother. I think this should be reevaluated! Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing these with us. I feel selfish and think you are sharing them with me (us), but I know you are just documenting their lives for them. But, I will keep it about me!