Sunday, August 26, 2012

shark week and things that roll!

It was another sad, sad Saturday at our house this weekend as Charli's soccer game was cancelled due to lightening.  This can be explained to kids when it happens once, but when it happens two weekends in a row they start to care less about the "safety of the players" speech!  Don't you know 6-year olds can out run lightening?  ;-)  After a fit which comes from total disappointment the kids recovered, though the parents were then exhausted!  

 A few weeks ago one of our nephews had a birthday in Colorado!  Charli wanted to get him a scooter like she got, and LOVES, for her birthday.  This was a great idea because we could buy online and ship it straight to him.  So, we sat down at the computer, picked the color she wanted for him and BOOM, it was ordered!  One problem, I forgot to change the shipping address!  I thought I got the order cancelled, re-processed the order and got it sent to Colorado!  A few days later we received a cute picture of Conner on his scooter and he appeared to love it!  WIN!  A few days later we also received a scooter!  FAIL!  :-)  Chad insisted on keeping the scooter, because truth be told he steals Charli's often to ride it up and down the block!  We now own two scooters, basically one for Charli and one for Chad...but (I think to make him feel better!!) Chad is letting Harper ride too!! honor of shark week at our house!!  

Charli was super proud, as were we, to end her first week at Kindergarten by bringing home this certificate from Mrs. Meyer.  We are starting to get into our new routine, and I am pretty impressed with our ability to be successful with everyone arriving to their destinations on time (so far!)!  The tricky part is to sustain this behavior!!

Hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend next weekend...soak up these final days of summer!

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  1. Even though I saw the shark picture on facebook I still busted up when I saw it again, love it! Harper will get that scooter in no time, if Chad shares!