Thursday, August 2, 2012

celebrating a world with more birthdays!

I would have never guessed that it had been so long since I last updated!  Summer is starting to dwindle down, which makes us want to take better advantage of our final days before school starts!  Speaking of...Charli starts school in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  Ugh!!

Recently we have been keeping busy with the Olympics, trying to get healthy, relapsing from the heat, rocking a concert, and celebrating birthday!!

 this past weekend I went to, and enjoyed very much, the Dierks Bentley concert with my sister Rachelle!  Her sister-in-law also came along, and we had a great time!  We had killer seats...4th row, front & center!

 We had stellar placement.  I got to make eye contact with him, and he pointed at me!  Generally I would say this is a figment of my imagination...but Rachelle got it on video!  We each scored guitar picks...and lots of great pictures!  ( I know Chad is rolling his eyes as he reads this, but that's okay!)

Lucky for us, or maybe NOT lucky for us, his concert is sponsored by Jagar.  This meant I had enough courage to dart back to his tour bus and snag this picture!!  I walked away with a handshake, a hug, and a picture.  Not so shabby.  We really did have a good time - thank you Rachelle for being our safe ride home! Big sisters rock.

 No matter how much fun the concert was, we woke up to something even bigger and more exciting...Charli turned SIX!!!!  Uncle Shawn made her this very special "6" pancake for breakfast!!

 (Rachelle...if you hijack my camera with pictures, this is what happens!)

 On Friday & Saturday of this week Madeline (on the right) is hosting an "Alex's Lemonade Stand" and Charli will be helping a bit!  This lemonade stand is special because it raises money specifically for childhood cancer research.  Madeline has a goal of $1,000...and I have no doubt she will reach it!  

 This week the program I coordinate held a graffiti throw down.  This image was tagged on our canvas, not so shabby!

 while changing Harper's sheets tonight I found these items between his sheets, between his bed and wall, and tucked under his pillow.  He is turning into a hoarder!

 these are oldies, but goodies!  this picture was snapped as the bounce house was inflating for Harper's birthday!

 "Do you know what this is buddy?  It's for your birthday!!"

 I love these moments when they help each other!  Big sister is generally always willing to help, but little brother is not always willing to accept! 

 Thank you, Harper, for making me realize that sidewalk chalk is not safe indoors.  Ugh!

 Charli really racked in the gifts for her birthday Saturday!  This is her basketball hoop & basketball she got from her mom, dad, and brother!  It is at the shop so she can have something else to do while there...and our driveway is not too basketball hoop friendly  

 For her 6th birthday Charli got to ride on grandpa's motorcycle!  He took her into town and drive around to wave (and probably show off!) around town!  

 While Charli was in town Chad was hauling his own cargo around the shop!

 this is really NOT a skill anyone needs.  Having said that, Harper can eat his toes.  Charli thinks this is ridiculous!

 (needs no words!)

 super excited about her set of monster trucks she can paint and design herself!  In addition she also go ironman & batman lego sets, a rock tumbler, spiderman sheets & blanket, angry birds game, basketball shorts, rocks, books, spiderweb shooter, and more!  (thanks for all the gifts everyone!)

 Charli seeing her cake for the first time!

 Charli is not a fan of cake, so I new we would need to find an alternative for her birthday.  Love these cookies made by my old childhood friend, Missy!  Charli loved these -- and they taste amazing!!  

 instead of a bounce house, Charli picked a water party!  This was a fun way to stay cool!  Once the kids discovered how much fun sidewalk chalk was with the pool, we couldn't keep them away!

 go figure...little brother stealing the frosting!


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