Wednesday, August 22, 2012

four times the fun!

I tried to upload these pictures from my phone earlier this week...with no success, so a few may be a little older than others!

 Charli enjoyed reading her new book, "The Night Before Kindergarten" that her aunt Jen sent.  We read it about four or five times the night before school last week!

 This is pretty much how Harper felt after Charli left for school each day last week!  He was sad to see her go, and sad to not be big enough for school.  This week he seems to be doing just fine though.  The last few nights they have thoroughly enjoyed each others company, so maybe having "separate lives" during the day will work out for them after all!   Our daycare was on vacation last week so on Charli's second day of school Haper go to hangout with my mom.  While he was busy being sad that Charli got to go to school and he didn't, she was a little disappointed that Harper got to spend all day with grandma, and got to have 'special time and lunch' with grandma too!  The grass is always greener, or so we think!

 The "duck race" was the only portion of Columbus Days we took part in this year.  We watched 17,000 ducks float around, hoping ours would be the one to win $10,000.  As you can probably imagine, ours did not cross the finish line first!  

 Charli is still in love with her new camera she bought for her birthday!  Chad was helping her take a picture of the water after the duck race!

 Harper was pretty sure he was "just like daddy"!  He has some big shoes to fill!

 Harper was working on "changing the oil" in my car over the weekend!

 We took a trip to the wildlife safari this weekend, the kids loved it!  Next time we are in the area I think we will make an effort to go again.  The kids can get so close to the different animals (safely from the car of course!), it is a different experience than the typical zoo, which makes it fun!

 there was no zoom feature used here!  Just up close and personal with the pelicans!  We also go to see elk, deer, turtles, eagles, black bears, wolves, and bison!  (there may have been others, but I am blanking now!)

 This was a first for all of us to see, an albino bison!  

 It's kind of hard to not fall in love with this cheesy grin when he flashes one at you!  Harper loving up on his "bambi" got got from the gift shop.  While viewing the animals we saw a baby deer with spots, so this stuffed animal was a favorite when we found it!  (and so soft!!)

 Charli & Harper on their first day back to see Lynn since school started.  Charli wanted to help drop Harper off!  She bought this new pink shirt over the weekend...and was so excited to wear it!

Kindergarten picture day!!  Charli enjoyed getting to pick out her shirt for pictures.  I did not think she would pick this shirt, but was so excited to find it in her closet from a previous shopping trip we had this summer.  I think her looks have changed a lot in the last few months, I can't wait to compare her K picture with her preschool picture!  She looks all grown up!


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