Sunday, May 20, 2012

run - run - run

My nephew Derek made it to state in track this year and we made a fun-day Saturday out of the event!

 Charli and Cohen as we got ready to take the shuttle from the mall parking lot to the track.  (thanks Vicki and Aaron for this tip, it was a GREAT!!)

 this was Charli's first time on a school bus! She was excited!

 my nephew, Derek, in blue.  He was the third leg in the 4 x 1 relay team!  Way to go Derek!!!  Good form :-)

 ice-cream is always great, but ours was made extra special because we saw Derek while we were eating, so we could give him a congrats hug!

 Jen & Cohen.  "Cohen, smile with me".  Cohen, giving his best duck face!!  

 Kadence and her beautiful mommy!  Check out her rockin' new lunchbox from old navy!  This girl has style!

 These two were not smiling in sync!  

 Chad and the kids came home with a trailer full of fun if only we had somewhere to go!!

 love this picture!!  As chad was driving Harper's bike into the garage, this happened!!  

 we took on the big job of watering grandpa's gardens this weekend!!

 a very proud and exciting can see a pumpkin sprout!

 we took our fun toys to the farm to play!  Charli thought this was amazing to get to drive on a road with us! Harper and I rode together and these two paired up!

 I realized today that I never see Charli as honestly and purely happy as I do while she is riding her 4-wheeler.  She is just in heaven when we can all ride together.  She simply loves it.  At this point she is very respectful of the rules and parameters she has when she rides, which makes it easy for us!  I know the day will come where she tries to bite off more than she can chew!

 only half of Charli here because she went over a big lump of dirt and started to get wobbly, and I panicked!  

 my old country school.... Dist #40

 She is a great helper!  Charli strapping down the rigs! ;-)

 love this!!  If Charli only has one of my characteristics, it appears to be her love for music and her ability to learn songs!  Much like her mom, she can sing just about any song that comes on the radio!  (some may not be 5-year old material, but it is the love of the music that we focus on!!)  When she does sing, this is Harper in awe of her spirit, talent, enthusiasm, and peppy spark!!  

then...I was busted with the camera!  Kind of a ham - getting big!


  1. Ok I just busted out laughing when I saw the picture of Chad and the trike! Hillarious!

  2. it was priceless Jen, I was in the doorway with the camera because of the 4-wheelers...snuck that puppy in!!

  3. What, no mention of your dental appointment and all the joy that brought to your weekend? I am stunned! Hope you are feeling better. Love the pictures, as always.