Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

 me and my incredible mother!  In Sunday school this week students made cards for their moms, so I did too!  I probably haven't made a handmade (with construction paper, glue, beads, and marker!) since grade school!  I reminded her that my favorite things about her are that she loves my family, she makes my favorite cookies, and she always helps if we are in need.  She really is an amazing women.  As an example...most husbands would never say "when you grow up I hope you are half as nice as your mom" -- which is what Chad tells me often!!  :-)  

 this is exactly how my family should be reflected right now...this picture says everything just like it is now with these too!!  Charli is always ready to give a thumbs up and Harper is all cheese with some whine on the side! :-)

 special, special, special day!  Charli went with Grandpa (my dad)  to buy seeds for the garden and rode to the farm with grandma & grandpa to start working in the garden!  Grandpa and Charli planted the garden, and Charli informed me that she now has a "green thumb".  They enjoyed their time together, and did a great job!

 planting the seeds!

 Charlie * Charli

 Grandpa needs to have someone (his son-in-law) put sprinklers in his garden to save the trips to the hydrant!

 Grandpa * Custor * Harper

the remains of an ant hill!

Tonight after supper the kids were both told they could not have candy snacks, Harper decided that was a great time to climb into the cupboard and come back with a giant box of hot tamales.  Chad was convinced he wouldn't like them so he let him have one (to my dismay).  Minutes later Harper was in heaven, with his mouth full of hot tamales...he probably had 10 of them before deciding he was done.  Charli can handle about five at a time before needing a break!  Oh Harper....

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  1. Beautiful pictures of you and your mom, and you with your kids! It looks like Charlie and Charli will have a wonderful garden in a few weeks, what a fun project. Harper is a smart boy, hot tamales are the best, mom!