Saturday, May 12, 2012

13 years....and here we are.

Thirteen years ago our life was changed in a way I could never begin to comprehend.  Thirteen years ago Chad,  then my boyfriend of just over a year, was the victim of a tragic accident.  Chad was working in a 12-foot trench when the sides started to collapse, burying Chad under it's rubble.  In the process of Chad trying to get out he was pinned on top of a backhoe bucket, which he was going to try to use as his escape route out of the hole.  This piece of equipment probably saved his life, but also caused dramatic injury. This was just days before my high school graduation.

After being life flighted to Omaha he was stabilized...and days later his doctors discovered he had necrotizing fasciitis.  This "little" virus still haunts us today,  If you are not familiar with necrotizing faciitis, you can click THIS LINK, but know it is not pleasant to look at or read about!  It is this virus which made the many surgeries he had in 1999-2001 necessary and ultimately the reason why he has had all the problems since.

Chad has been through a lot in the past 13 years as a result of his accident and sadly for him, and our entire family, he still has regular, daily, pain and complications as a result of his accident.  In fact the surgery he had just before Charli's trip in March was a direct result of his accident in '99.  Thirteen years ago had you told me that it would be haunting us all yet today, I would have told you that you were crazy, not then knowing (at the ever so knowledgeable age of a fresh 18 year old!) half of what was to come!

On days like today when I truly reflect on what he has been through I can realize how amazing all of his miracles have been.  Some of you may remember this like it was yesterday, some of you may not have known anything about this piece of our history.  The bottom line is that 13 years and one day ago, I had no idea what we were in for!  But...isn't this the truth for all of us?

Miracles happen everyday, and I am blessed to have had several used in my family over the years!  I pray that one day we will find the miracle that will "fix" this for Chad once and for all...and in the meantime I pray for Chad's patience and strength as he continues to defy all the obstacles this has presented to him.


  1. Prayers continue for your amazing family.

  2. Thirteen years ago I didn't even know for sure where Humphrey, Nebraska was or even a single person with the last name of "Preister" but I do remember the accident. I was at the hospital in Fremont enjoying a brand new granddaughter, who is now a teenager! I remember seeing/hearing the story on the news...and we are...FAMILY! I pray that things will resolve and improve for Chad as he continues on his healing course.Thank you for reminding all of us of not only this tramatic event in your life...but also the wonderful miracles associated with it...and your lives. We are all blessed because of all of you! Love & prayers! Jody