Monday, May 28, 2012

What would you do, if you could buy a kindle?!

 excited to be driving with her new "driving" gloves!  

 hmmm, I wonder where she gets this?!

 talking strategic options for what's to come...

 Chad, never the show off.  ;-)

 a secret moment of happiness shared by siblings...priceless!

 What could ever cause this much sadness, you ask?

This jewelry box was made by Chad one one of our trips to the ceramic store in town to celebrate Charli's "cancer-versary".  This sat on the counter and from time to time Charli would have surprises in it, most recently this was change for her fundraising efforts.  While checking it, she dropped it (total accident) and was heartbroken because she knew it was a special project her daddy worked on for her.  She was devastated, and as a result, her brother was too!

 but, "daddy can fix anything" rang true again!  We were missing a few parts, but...

 it DID put the smile back on her face!

 on our way home from a Relay For Life event, we saw this...a beautiful site!  The pictures faintly captures the double rainbow...

 first t-ball game!  She had a great game!

go crocodiles!

 Charli made this sign to put on her door by her school projects...she is sad to not go to school in the summer!

 Charli has had her work caught out for her the past few months.  She has continued with her goal for the Relay for Life, and is at nearly $1,500.  But, she is also on a mission to raise money for the local rescue mission.  She was ready to turn in her change, and cashed in $170.00!  She was proud to deliver the money to the mission and let them know just how she did it!  "Do you have extra money you would like to share with me?  I am raising money for the rescue mission."  She is a champ!  After she heard the amount she said "This is almost enough to buy a candle (kindle), but not an ipad"!  I love that she is aware that this money could have been used for one of two things...and she still wanted to share with the rescue mission!  She is not done though, she told me she will never stop!  ;-)

 Welcome to Summer!!

 Charli catching some air!  Chad tool this picture, and was pretty proud of it!  I now see that she had a sucker in her mouth...nice Chad :-)  

 boat can't go wrong!

 today, momma birdie had four eggs in her nest!  I am glad my pretty flowers are good for so much!

 everyone enjoyed this!  Wynston will love the pool this summer!

 our dust-storm Sunday night!

the storm made for a messy time outside, but a beautiful view as the sun tried to shine through!

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