Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Lipsticks & .... the guys"

a few weeks ago this group of friends, and a few others, gathered together to raise money for the Relay For Life by putt putt golfing.  We were *not* pretty awesome, but had a great time!

 I was absolutely the worst golfer on our team, without question!  But, I would argue that I was the most fun :-)

Harper and his big cousin Braxton at his 3rd bday party! 

 we made homemade blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries together for the first time, and have decided the blueberries from the can tasted better than fresh! (I think we had sour berries!) loved it!  Look at that teamwork!

 Harper was in love with his new book I guess!!

they are starting to really love their snuggle time before bed!

We had our annual Relay For Life garage sale this weekend.  We did it a little differently this year, and as a result we tossed all of our baby gear out this year.  Charli has an obnoxious amount of clothes, and made lots of other little girls happy with the treasures their parents found!  My mom helped me organize everything and hung in there for the entire thing - start to finish, and then some!  Dad came down to help a lot too, as did my Aunt Kay, Chad's Uncle Ivan, and Aunt Janice.  It was fun to spend the time visiting with everyone!  And, I think it was probably the first time in 15 years that I spend most of my birthday "day" with my parents - which was great!  

We made a quick trip to Omaha this afternoon and we stopped in Fremont for supper.  While at Wendy's a couple, about our age, sat next to us with two young girls (4 & 2).  The youngest one was a pistol, reminded us of Harper!  After she was scolded a time or two we discovered that her name was Harper!  One time her daddy said her name and Harper heard him, and giggled so we explained that they shared a name.  A few minutes later we thought we heard something else strange, but assumed we heard wrong.  On our way out we stopped by to say good-bye to "Harper" and discovered that Harper's big sister's name was "Charlee"!  What are the odds to meet another Charlee & Harper!  The kids thought it was hilarious to say good-bye to "Charlee & Harper".  This is a once in a lifetime event I am sure, how fun!!!

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