Saturday, October 1, 2011

update on Harper

Harper had his first follow-up with the orthopedic dr on Friday.  They did a few xrays and things seems to be lined up well, which is good news!!  The not as fun news is that the cast will be on for another four weeks before it comes off!!  UGH!!  The most important thing is that it heals properly and correctly the first time...but aside from that, only doing this for two more weeks was pretty exciting, so you can about imaging what hearing "see you in 4 weeks" was.

Harper is a champ for the most part!  Sleep is getting better, slowly, thankfully!  The hardest part is trying to have two full time working parents without full time daycare!  It IS temporary, which is important to remember and easy to forget while in the 'day to day'!! 

It looks like Harper will be cast-free for Halloween, but sounds like he may not be able to walk for awhile after the casts come off - so we will see what trick-or-treating will bring for us this year!!

Thanks for all the prayers to help Harper heal, each day I am reminded how luck we are despite our current situation!  Bones heal and six weeks isn't forever!!  What is forever, however, is the way our friends and family have reminded us how they will always be there for us when we need them! 

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