Monday, October 10, 2011

fun day - sunday!

When Charli was in treatment Chad and I made sure that we did one thing each week which was "out of the ordinary" and called it our fun day.  We tried really hard to stick with that even when life went back to normal.  I think we held on for awhile, but eventually it went away.  We have tried to capture that in the years since but it is just hard to keep it up!  With Harper in his cast we have tried to do it again.  This weekend was a trip to a small-town zoo, which was by far one of the best zoo experiences ever, and I hope you can go too!! (with the exception of our behind the scenes zoo experience this summer -- but this is a close tie I would say!!)

Charli scored FIVE points at soccer on Saturday, and played a great game! 

After soccer Charli and I took a fun trip to shop a little and she picked out new sheets for Harper - that he loved!!  Still no pictures of his bed, which cracks me up!  I do have a picture of them in the bed - but I took it because Charli was reading so cute to Harper.  Maybe I will wait for his bed debut when he has legs!

Speaking of legs...   On Saturday Charli told me "mom, I really miss Harper's legs."  It was the saddest and sweetest thing ever!  She has been a great help with him, I thought it may wear off but at this point I think it will stick around.  We have 2 weeks and 4 days left.  That doesn't sound so bad, and I cannot wait for that day!  Who wants to come over for a party!  Last night I realized that he will probably seem really-really tall!  I was looking at the wall where we measure the kids and I cannot picture him to be as tall as he was marked.  Amazing what your brain forgets over a few weeks when you don't see it every day!

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for the prayers!

Harpe was shy about petting the hedge hog, which could be yours for only $75!

Charli loved this because it was called a "red dragon"!

Harper trying to speak to Coco the monkey.  As you will see later, they were friends!

Charli showing her monkey pose as well!

 They were great at the Horn T Zoo.  It was like we had our own person guide.  We always had one of the owners there with us telling us about the animals and letting the kids pet, hold, or feed them.  It was a great experience and so much fun for the kids!

Coco was so interested in Harper's cast!  At first Harper wasn't sure if he liked the monkey-paws all over his legs but as soon as Coco tickled his toes I think they became friends!  It was so funny! 

Then Coco decided to hang up-side down to eat which you will see here made everyone laugh!

I can't remember his guys name.  When they offered to let the kids hold it, the first thing that came out of Charli's mouth was "is it's mouth tapped shut?" I am not sure why she asked that, but lucky for us it was!!  Mom and dad happend to be coming through town and came with us, which made it even more fun.  It is a lot of fun to see the kids have so much fun with my parents!!  I would imagine everyone feels that way about their kids interacting with their parents?!!

Speaking of kids and parents...
Charli helped me make cupcakes on Sunday.  We were talking about her dad and I said "you know you have a super good daddy, right?  Not everyone has a daddy that does so much fun stuff!".  And then she said, with the most serious voice ever..."Listen mom, did you and dad not have a good daddy or what?"  !!!!!  The message I got from that was 'listen lady, I get it.  I have a good dad, why do you have to tell me all the time'!  So , then we talked about my daddy :-)

rough on top and soft on the bottom!!  I am not sure how big this lil guy will get, but he was the perfect size to hold how!  He fit right across Harpers bar on the cast!

even grandma got in on the fun!!  Grandpa loved this part the most I think!!

Charli's turn with the hedge hog!

this little horse was too cute!!  behind him is a miniture donkey!!  They even let Harper sit on this little horse!

Loved this!!  Her head is as big as Harper!!

Had to include this picture...not the best of any of us - but as you can see from Charli's face the horse was moving her head back and forth and smushing us!!

Harper and a skunk!  I held the skunk and it felt so strange, like I shouldn't have been holding it!!  But, it really did feel like a cat...and wanted to nuzzle up! 

We even got to take a hayrack ride to the "pumkin patch"

the rule was that if you want the pumkin you have to be able to lift and carry it strong arms had no problem!

this little guy did not have it so easy, he couldn't reach them.  stupid cast!!

but he did find a great way to transport the pumpkin, his fit perfectly on his cast!!


after picking th perfect pumpkin the kids got to paint and sticker theirs up!  notice Charli's green paint under her eye..the sign of a true artist!  :-)

again, another reason they helped make this day so great!  Here is one of the owners of the zoo helping Harper!  As Chad and Harper decorated the pumpkin he decorated Harper's cast with stickers!! 

In typical Harper fashion, he wanted to kiss all of these animals...this little guy was so soft!

don't mind Chad's shifty eyes ;-)  Proud Harper and his pumpkin!

Thanks Horn T Zoo for making our Sunday a Fun day!!  Also...thanks to Ron & Ronnette (and family!!) for the visit making the day special too! The kids loved the treats and the extra play time too!!

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  1. What a fun day you all had! Love the pictures! Love you...Grma & Grmpa P