Thursday, October 6, 2011

running for fun, or just plain running!

We had a nice weekend last week, but I haven't had much time to post pictures or write...go figure!

We started with soccer like usual, I think we will all be a little sad when it is over!  Charli enjoys the game and practice and it is a lot of fun to watch her.  Sunday Charli participated in the 1-mile fun-run in Humphrey.  She was super excited to race with the big kids, and was probably one of the (if not the) youngest ones in the 1-mile race...we bumped her from the "toddler trot" which is a block long run!  She was a champ.  She ran just under half and then wanted to walk, which turned into wanting to quit.  I wouldn't let her quit so we ran/walked it together.  For those of you who were there I was the mom at one point dragging Charli down the street because I would not let her quit!  She was exhausted by the time she hit the finish line...but she hit the finish line!  I was so proud of her for not giving up and quiting just because it was hard.  Many older kids cut the route short, but this little trooper followed the path and made it to the end!  We can only pray that this is a characteristic which she will foster and continue to grow in her life!

Harper has been doing well, he is sleeping much better most of the time - which helps mom and dad feel better! (he was never phased by the lack of sleep!)  He got to spend two days working with Chad this week, I am not sure who enjoyed that more Chad or Harper...but they both had fun together.  We have daycare two days a week which is a big help, but the other three days can be stressful because both Chad and I have jobs with deadlines...and those can generally be pushed to the limit but not left behind!  Chad has really been a life-saver through this ordeal, which is comforting.  I am lucky to have him.  Now, will someone please tell him that so he doesn't think all I do is complain :-)

Charli had her first field trip this week, pre-school went to the pumpkin patch in Norfolk.  They had a beautiful "summer" day for their October trip!  She was super excited to bring home her pumpkin.  I am glad they went because I was feeling guilty that we weren't going this year...too many things Harper can't do and I didn't think it was fair for him to know what he was missing out on!

Even with the cast Harper is finding ways to do all of the things that he enjoyed before.  He can now lay himself down, pull himself up, roll to each side and scoot!  He went from his room to the hallway last night!!  We have also found ways for him to ride the 4-wheeler and that makes him a happy boy!  Friday marks week THREE in the cast, the halfway mark.  I think this is something worth celebrating! 

Perhaps I will get some pictures posted this weekend...don't hold your breath, but do come back to check it out!! 

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