Tuesday, October 25, 2011

just some random Tuesday....

It makes me laugh that good things always seem to happen to us on some random Tuesday...

 Harper getting around the house like a pro - getting almost everything he wants one way or another!!

Charli working on her "homework"

Grandpa Bob found a great way to keep Harper on board!

we even found a way to let Harper swing!!!  We are finally getting the hang of this! ;-)

Grandpa Borg and Harper playing tractors and cars!!

cast or no cast....some things never change!! tickle time :-)

even Harper gets in on it...my mom will hate this picture!!  I assure you that he was laughing!!!

 the great beginning of our random Tuesday!

and this was our next step!!  YAY....we got the cast of 72 hours ahead of schedule!!
Harper had been complaining of pain in his back and on his side, and not sleeping well at all - so upon Chad's request I called to see if they could get him in even a bit earlier than Friday and much to my happy surprise they got him in this morning!!! 

good-bye!!!  I am sad that all of that amazing artwork (by Chad and others!) is gone - but I got over that as soon as I got to hold him and love on him like a typical mom and son should!!

look at those amazing legs!!  They are dry as snake skin tonight...but I couldn't care less!! 
Harper wanted to walk, but was too scared to put any pressure on his legs.  He is getting better and each day will get closer and closer to walking again!  When we got home, he couldn't even sit up on his own - it is amazing to me the things which he forgot.  He will remember in no time.  By bed he was crawling pretty well all over the house.  He is favoring his right leg, and you can tell which muscles are weak.  It is part of the process...and one we are happy to be doing right now!!

it felt so good to sit around the table with the kids like we used to!

He was SO SO SO excited to take a bath tonight, he played in the water for a long time!

Harper is very excited to go to Lynn's house tomorrow...but we are all also sad to be leaving the center which helped us out so much in our time of need.  It really is bitter sweet...they took him in when we needed their help so desperately and he loved going there!  Charli, on the other hand, is not that excited about his cast coming off because "now he will be in my room all the time again"!  She did get spoiled by not having that pesky brother in her stuff! 

Harper is sleeping in his big-boy bed with no cast...but still insisted on having his "leg" pillow in bed with him -- he is attached I guess!!

We are a happy house tonight in deed...in deed we are!  Thank you to everyone for the love, prayers, and support it took to help us through this bump in our road!! 


  1. OH HAPPY DAY!! Look at those cute legs!! So happy for you guys. Hope Harper is back to running soon!! Love ya'll!!

  2. Awwww yaaaaaaay!!! So glad for you guys, bless his little heart! :)

  3. I love that Charli understands how quickly he will be sharing her toys again! HA!

  4. Whew, bet that was a tough time! Glad to see lots of smiles!

  5. Great to see those cutie legs! No more jumping off couches! Love you all! XXXXOOOOPPPP Grma & Grmpa P