Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There are so many things I want to talk about...

September 11th --> a day which has changed all of our lives.  I remember where I was, the weather that day, the phone calls I made and the fears I had.  I also remember gathering with friends and strangers to show unity for our country and those who lost loved ones.  It was a day which will never be forgotten.  To watch any of the news coverage from this years 10th anniversary is to face one of my biggest fears in the face, the loss of a loved one.  The truth is, we are all just seconds away from some kind of tragedy.  Chad was seconds away from this with his accident 12 years ago.  Charli may have been weeks away from this 4 years ago.  You may have been seconds or minutes away from this as you crossed the intersection this morning.  These reminders make us love a little deeper and hug a little longer.  My heart goes out to all of those who lost a loved one as a result of September 11th, 2001.

September --> Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
September 13th --> Childhood Cancer Awareness Day
These two statements mean very little to most people.  Well, that isn't true.  To those of you reading this blog they mean something...but outside of this, who knows about it?  Who cares about it?  It is my job, scratch that, it is OUR job to make them care.  They don't need to care because 'oh it was so sad to see little Charli endure chemo when she was 7 months old' or because 'it was sure said to see Brenda and Chad worry about the life of their first born child' or any of those things.  They should care because at their childs next doctors visit it could be them.  It could be you.  We need to care about things before it is 'our' problem.  If more people cared about problems that "weren't my issue", we may be able to make some progress.

September 10th -->  Charli's soccer debut!
Charli had a great time on the soccer field.  It was a huge reminder to me that soccer is a totally different animal than T-ball or most activities that kids have done up to this age.  Charli played for three of the four, five minute quarters.  She played her heart out and did a great job!  She has some hustle, team work, and healthy competitiveness in her! I was proud to see all that she was able to do on the field, and how resilient she was in the face of competition.  She plays again this week, and now that she knows what she is in for I am anxious to see how she feels about the next game! 

it was hard to convince her to cover her shin guards she loves the ones she picked out - but we managed!  Harper was a proud little brother getting her soccer shoes lined up for her that morning!

Charli moved the ball a lot, but was also quick to encourage her teammates to move the ball.  If she was kicking it down the field and a teammate was near she would stop and give them a nudge to take a turn!

look at that form :-)!!!  She scored three points (which we don't count, however she did!!) and was able to throw and roll the ball in many times.  They play 3-on-3 so there are many opportunities to handle the ball.

her competitive side shines as she protects the goal!


after the game!  you can see by Charli's pink face that she left it all on the grass that morning!!  She was exhausted, and would admit it to anyone who asked!
our attempt at a impromptu family picture!  It did work out nicely that we had some color coordination...who knew!  But, not that hard on a Nebraska game day!! (notice that chad, who could care less about football, is sporting a CALIFORNIA shirt.  Who is this guy anyway?)

September 11th --> Also a day which marks the birth of my niece Macey!  After soccer we ventured out west for her 6th birthday party bash!  For her birthday Macey got her very own horse, cupcake!  Cupcake joins two others on their acreage.  The kids had a blast out there!

Charli was changing her shoes so she could ride.  When she turned around, she was a bit surprised!

Charli and cupcake!!  Macey (in the background) is so proud of her little cupcake!

Cupcake got out!  She is so tame that she could probably roam their yard all day with no worries!  But, rules are rules.  Charli and Rachelle went to take her back to her fence ;-) (who is the city kid wearing flip flops to work the horse?!)

Charli and Rachelle feeding Dunny

Charli didn't have to do much sweet talking to get Uncle Shawn to let her ride Dunny that afternoon.  Charli loved it! 

Harper had a blast on cupcake too! 

priceless!!  Charli giggled the entire time. She loved that Shawn could make him do "tricks" like go backwards and run! 

By the end of our visit I think Charli felt she was a pro, and was offering to give rides as well!!  Charli and Colton had fun riding together!
how much fun is this?!  I wish we had horses for everyone!!  In our defence when the girls come to the shop they too wish they had four-wheelers for everyone.  But, in my eyes there is no comparison!  Harper had a great time on the horse, until his shoe fell off!  I think it scared him!  I took both kids for a ride and they were so calm and relaxed...I think Chad needs to look into a horse to grow his shop-farm.

Charli * Colton * Macey * Harper * Ryen

 the title comes from one of Charli's often asked questions lately, "If I get a new brother, will he have an on/off button, because Harper needs one!"

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  1. I love your blog Brenda! What a nice family you have. I love how positive you are after everything your family has gone through. More people need to be more like you. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration for all!