Tuesday, September 20, 2011

no title needed...

I honestly don't even have the words to type, so I will let my pictures do most of the talking...

 I woke up to this on Friday morning...two happy kids trying to change their own clothes before getting busted!  All smiles and so happy playing!!

 we decided that Haper should be a monkey for Halloween this year because of his great monkey face!

ahhh, wouldn't they sleep so snug together?!!

So tell me...how did we get from that to this..

 I don't think that any of these pictures do this cast justice.  His cast falls just below his armpits and goes to the tips of his toes.  His legs are bent at the hips and again at the knee...so he sits/lays at an angle at all times.  Oh the joys...

 trying to come up with various positions to put him in is a little tricky.  He has been a stud through all of this, the pain seems to have past.  He is not sleeping well, mainly because of how active he wants to be in his sleep - it doesn't seem to be pain related.  He got to spend a day at daycare with this friends today and seemed to have a great time! 

as you can see by his smile, not much is going to slow him down!!

I would like to post more later...a bit exhausted tonight!  Thank you to all of our great friends who are taking such good care of us!  I know that I do not accept help the best, but I am working on it!! ;-)

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