Monday, September 5, 2011

but tomorrow never comes...

I have been wanting to post several times this week...many things have gone on!  The first piece of exciting news is that we now have a new little cousin to welcome to our family, Reid Charles was born on Monday.  I cannot wait to meet him and snuggle him up when they come up to Nebraska for the holidays!  Congrats Randy and Kara!!

Sadly, as we welcome this new life into the world we said good-bye to another this week.  Our buddy, Kenton (forever 5 years old), lost his battle to brain cancer.  He was so peaceful and handsome tonight.  No parent should ever have to bury their child, especially at five years old after a long and hard two year fight to this monster.  As this month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, there is a no more in your face reminder to be aware, than hugging a friend as she is ready to bury her baby.  Do what you anything to raise awareness this month.  This has got to end.

While both of these events brought a lot of different emotions this week, it made it even more obvious to celebrate all which is brought into our lives.  Charli started soccer last week, and is in love - truly!  Between school and soccer she has really started to seem more and more grown up each day!  She had soccer again tonight, and some friends took her for us (thanks Linda!!) and she had another great night.  She told Linda " I always want to come but my mom says we will come back tomorrow...but tomorrow never happens".  Tonight at practice the coach told my friend that Charli is "competitive" and "good"...I am not sure if those are good things at 5 or not...perhaps she is shoulder checking and the coach is using the word competitive to break it to us gently?! 

We spent an entire day at the fair on Sunday - and the kids were all stars!  We left the house at 9am and returned home at meltdowns, no fits, just grown-up kids!!  After the fair we went to the shop for a little picnic, to ride 4-wheelers, and check on the babes (goats!).  We have been loving the fall weather...but is an annoying little reminder that winter is next :<

 Charli's first ride at the fair...the roller coaster had a fast downhill spot which Charli loved!

 always a classic favorite!

 this horse was fine, but not as fun as the one to come!

 Charli wanted to take her picture with a real police man.  While we were walking around a tall police officer was walking around, he was probably 6'8" (he made Chad seem tiny!!) and he stopped to shake her hand for no reason, and she was star-struck!  So when we saw their information stand she was amazed!  She picked this officer to ask for a picture and he offered to let her wear his hat!  It was cute, she was all smiles ear to ear for a long time!

 Then he let her get in his car and showed her a few of the neat gadgets!  Hopefully she never sees the backseat of a police car.... :/

not a 100% sure this guy is, but she liked him too! 

 Charli's horse Sisco was naughty and kept kicking his feet out of the rope, I thought for awhile Charli may take a trip off the back of the horse, but he kept in line!

 Harper had a blast on his horse Tornado!

He did not want to get off when we were done.  I literally had to peel his hands off because "more-more, I ride more"!  Lucky for us our cousin Macey just got a little horsey for her birthday, so they will get hours of riding next weekend!!

 Chad's first ride on a camel!! Oh, and here is Charli on one too!! ;-)  Charli rode last year, so this was old hat for her...but her dad had first ride jitters!!

 Harper also had a blast on his camel!  He didn't want to be done either.  Sadly, we don't have any cousins with camels...yet?! ;-)

I think Charli would make a great Gatorade model!!

 Out of nowhere Charli said she wanted to take our picture to share with cousin Andrew?!  So Andrew...hope your reading!!
 the boys taking a break from riding for a cold drink!!

 waiting to park her pretty little pink ride!

and possibly the highlight of the day...riding on the equipment!

this is a cute picture of Harper and his grandpa Bob...but I initially took it because it is Harper playing with something red!!
"oh come on Charli, a blue tractor" is what I think I heard in the background!!  Last year, some of you may remember, Charli got a "red" tattoo.  On our drive Sunday Chad said "Charli, do you remember last year when you got a tattoo of a red tractor" Charli said "yeah, I remember".  Chad followed up with "yeah, let's not do that again.  Okay Charli?"!!!!!

again with the red tractors!

Charli and Chad in a brand new trailer!

these red tractor pictures are priceless when you are married to a John Deere fanatic...

Charli on her first night of soccer!  Notice her awesome shin guards?!  She refused to wear them under her socks because she loves them so much!!  (they are lime green, silver, and black with black and silver soccer shoes!)

first night of practice!  She really did catch on well and I was impressed with her foot/eye coordination -- we will see if that continues!! 

 fist one to find Harper wins!!  This is Harper's new favorite past time! He will get all of the blankets out that he can find - including off of his and his sisters bed - make a pile in the living room and jump, hide, bounce, lay, etc all over them!

Husker Football must be in Charli's blood because was out of bed with her outfit on before anyone else was even up on Husker Game day this week!  Once Harper saw her shirt, he tracked his down as well!  They have husker fever and enjoyed watching most of the game!

and...a straggling state fair picture!  the kids playing in a concrete cattle water tank!  (I think Chad puts these in for work, and was not impressed that they wanted to play with them!!)


  1. I know there were no green ones......but weren't those wagons with the corn & seed in them for the kids to play with a great idea??? the boys LOVED them and would have stayed there all day if we'd let them, i think!!! :)

  2. Wow Brenda! Looks like you had a very busy week!! We will continue to pray for everyone effected by cancer, as we found out about a month ago that Tig's cousin's little man has it also. He is 2 and has begun chemo @ Children's. **HUGS**

    Jodi Johnson

  3. What a fun day at the State
    Fair. Looks like you certainly made the most of it. You are so good to do that with the kids.
    I know it is Childhood Cancer Awareness this month and I will continue to try to raise awareness. I bought something at a quick shop to support a little 5 year old batteling brain cancer here in Arkansas. My heart went out to them as they talked about his upcoming surgery.
    My heart also goes out to the Claussens. They certainly need our prayers.
    See you when we get home from the mean time we are enjoying the Borg boys.........Reid Charles is very precious.

  4. It was a fun time at the fair! Anxious to see Charli play her first game! I have been handing out gold ribbons to people to let them know it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month...and wearing mine when I remember, too! Thanks for all you do to keep us all aware! Love you all! XXXXOOOOPPPP Grma P