Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas, Part Two

I did it!  I made a part two...that wasn't two months later!  Miracles ;-)

We had a great Christmas this year, and are still "on break"!  I took this week off of work so the kids could feel like they had a little "break" from our schedule.  When my family is back it is hard to be the one at we get extra family time, and I won't complain about that. Next week will be a hard welcome back to reality though!

The kids scored big time, and probably got everything they wanted and more.  The big wins for Harper was his new Dell tablet, that he calls and iPad and the various trucks, tractors, and cars.  Charli has a hard time deciding her top gifts.  She has a tie between a new desk & chair, ninjas, KC Chiefs shirt, art stuff, headphones, bey blades, games, and a new taekwondo picture.  They were both so thankful for their gifts this year.  I imagine for the next few years I will feel this way, but this was our best Christmas!  The kids both got into buying a gift for each other and had fun wrapping it...and keeping it a secret!

Again this year the kids thought my gifts needed to come from Kelly Jewelry!  I won't complain, but I truly have no idea where they get the notion that my gifts must always be jewelry.  Chad let's them spoil me, and the staff at the store are patient with them, I hear.  They each got to go in on their own and work with the staff to find exactly what they were looking for, for me!  Charli picked out a beautiful white and black diamond necklace while Harper decided on a white and red stone heart, very sparkly he told me!  I love them both!  I also hit the jackpot when I found a new coffee cup, water-bottle, and pens on Christmas morning!  They know my silly obsessions already!

Chad's gifts were a little less exciting, I thought, but what he was hoping hat and mittens for trapping!  He got a rabbit lined fuzzy-wuzzy hat and real mittens!

They each got marshmallow much fun!  (if only our dog would eat them, the mess would be easy to clean up!)

Priceless faces this year, that was Charli's theme!  She was opening up her terrain twister - most fun ever!

And the reaction after it sunk in, what it was!

Hours of fun between Charli's twister and Harper's monster truck!

Cowboy Harper...his boy belongs with Uncle Shawn!

Cousin Time!

Bryant & Harper
(Harper calls Bry "the cop" because he is a probation officer and has a badge like a cop!)

 Cohen * Bry * Harper * Grant *Charli *Ryen *Andrew*Colton*Reid*Macey*Derek

And as the family grows!  The grandkids with their significant others and grandma & Grandpa! 

Andrew & Harper 
(Harper calls Andrew "the funny one"!)

Derek & Harper

Charli was excited about everything she got at Grandma's house!  This is her new 3D soccer light for her wall!

and OH MY GOSH!!  She got a set of 50 ninja from Bry!  This is her "I can't believe it" face!  

Bry is currently her favorite person on the planet, because along with the ninjas she got this Chiefs shirt! 

 "baby" Reid has made both of my kids ask for a baby at our house!  

Charli asked for a school desk from Santa.  He brought her one and she said "whoa, this is bigger than I meant.  This is like a college desk!" 

I found Harper tucked away in his room playing his new tablet Santa brought him!

And the holiday fun continues!  We have a lot of fun things coming our way before life gets back to normal on Monday morning!  The favorite things on the kids list this break include: trapping with dad (a favorite for all three of them), playing with school friends, sleepover at the farm with cousins, staying in our PJ's all day, and movies in forts!  We have been counting our blessings and hope you are too!

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