Friday, January 31, 2014

Binge Blogging

Hi, my name is Brenda and I am apparently a binge blogger.  Time to catch up a little!

This boy loves his weekend chores!

During Christmas break Chad and the kids were at the shop and these two adorable animals came to play!  Harper fell in instant love.  They found the owner, and got them home...but what a sad day for Harper!  I will not be surprised if a new puppy finds a home at the shop in 2014.  

Charli kept super busy over Christmas break with her rainbow loom.  I bet she made 30 bracelets or more!  Now that school has started she does not have the free time to play with it has much as I think she would like.  While home sick one day this week she got it out again...such a fun and creative hobby for her!

The kids are loving Harper's new racetrack he got from his cousin, Bry.  Unlike some hot wheels courses, this one is staying together well and has made for hours of fun!

Bry also got these little ninjas for Charli, which are a HUGE hit.  It does not seem possible, but these little things (which most people would probably throw away if they found in their house) are the lights of Charli's life!

The Borgs gave the kids gift cards, which they were excited to use right after Christmas!  Harper bought a nerf gun and Charli bought a new basketball hoop!  Both provide a lot of entertainment!

Science Experiment Time! Did you know that packing peanuts dissolve in water?  This is one of Chad's favorite things to teach people!  

Charli got to start attending the advanced taekwondo class right after the holidays!  She will be testing for her advanced green belt next week already!  Time flies!

Yay Charli!  We are still enjoying her December student of the month honors...a new student of the  month will be crowned soon!  And now she will wait until second grade to obsess over earning this again! 

Cousin time!  We went with my sisters and kids to the monster trucks!  A late night, but a fun one!

Ryen * Aunt Rachelle * Charli

We even took a ride in a monster truck -- heaven for this little boy!

getting ready to start...she was excited to see things get smashed!

I was called into federal jury duty earlier this month.  I was on call all month, hopeful to not get called.  BUT...I did!  I was there for a full day.  Ultimately I was not selected to sit on the jury, which was a good thing.  The case was going to be 5-7 days, which would have required me to be in Omaha for the week.  Chad appreciated my homecoming that night as well ;-)  It was an interesting process, I learned many things I had not thought about before!

This boy.  This boy cares more about what he looks like than anyone else in our family.  On this day he was super proud because he thought he looked like "Chris".  Chris is the soon to be husband of the love of Harper's life, Jaymee!  

 In January our family also went to the PRCA rodeo in Lincoln.  The kids had a great time!  

Chad and the kids have a few more weeks left to trap.  I am not sure how they will fill their time when the season ends...all three of them look forward to daily reports.  Harper keeps track of the weather to know if "things will be moving" or not.  Such fun memories they are making together! 

Happy January and February to everyone! 

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